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BOTW Climate system.

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Posted 05 August 2018 - 02:35 AM


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Since some of you are climate experts what do you think of the many climates of Breath of the Wild from hot regions to where it almost constantly rains or snows and some in between?  The Akala region is most like the PNW in the game where you go to the 2nd tech lab to get Ancient Armor.  You light the blue flames but it's almost always a steady rain putting your d**n torch out.


BOTW it is more then just cosmetic effects like in snowy regions you have to have either cold resistance food or armor and some areas is so cold you have to have the armor or food at high levels or it won't be enough.  Same with hot regions when you go to Gerudo desert and different parts of Gerudo desert have different levels of heat.  If you aren't equip you can see Link literally sweat and take damage.


The only other Zelda game to have weather elements play a role was Ocarina of Time N64 and 3DS Remake but it was only in limited spots like Inside of Death Mountain trying to get to the Fire Temple you had to get the fire (red) tunic or (depending on how many hearts you already have) you would have a timer counting down how long you could stand it. With a lot of hearts the timer I've seen set as high as 10 mins one time playing thru not equipping the fire tunic going to the Fire Temple. Usually you only have 2 to 5 mins at most.


Breath of the Wild weather plays a MAJOR role including having to take metal armor off to not get hit by lightning and one quest you put metal armor on a rock to make lightning hit it opening up a shrine and that's the challenge so it's a 'blessing' shrine which gives you the orb upon discovering it since the trial is outside.