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Threads missing ..

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richard mann

Posted 30 July 2014 - 12:14 PM

richard mann

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.. Could I get a clarification. ? 


... With the brief note that we're seeing, posted attached to all pages, regarding "Work" being done to improve performance here where considering the over-all "System", ... 


Will the various threads and posts previously contained within the different main sub-forums such as this one, currently showing ....


" .. No posts to view" ... "0 topics / 0 relies" .... 


And then within each .. "No topics found. This is either because there are no topics in this [sub-] forum, or [because whatever] topics are older than the current age cut-off."


In addition to this one, .. (no longer the case with my having posted this here.)


"Texas and the Gulf Coast"

"Australia and New Zealand"

"United Kingdom and Ireland"


.. along with, until more recently posted to, ...


"Arctic and Antarctic" 

.. and "The World". 



$ ... ultimately be being returned to those sub-forums.  ? (!)


Black Hole

Posted 30 July 2014 - 02:51 PM

Black Hole

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Some of the threads, such as mine here were accidently deleted. I don't think anything in this forum exists anymore. Which subforum were yours found in?

BS Atmospheric Science University of Utah May 2015

PhD Candidate Atmospheric Sciences


--Emphasis on: Forecasting, Mountain Weather, Numerical Weather Prediction, Data Assimilation


Winter 2016/17 Snow:
Nov 17: 3.2", 23: 1.6", 28: 9.2" (14)

Dec 1: .5", 16: 2.5", 25: 13" (16)

Jan 2: 5", 3: 2.4", 4: 7.7", 12: 1", 19: 1.2", 21: 13", 23: 6", 24: 1", 25: 3.7", 26: 2.5" (43.5) 

Feb 11: .5", 23: 6.5", 27: 4.5" (13.5)

Mar 5: 5.5" (5.5)

Apr 8: 2", 9: 1.8" (3.8)

May 17: 1" (1)
Total: 96.3"

Lowest Temp: 2F

richard mann

Posted 30 July 2014 - 03:41 PM

richard mann

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(Aaaaaahh. !!! hmmmn.) .... "Not, ... goode".   @
As I'd "suggested", with having written to Fred (via PM. .. repeated here below.),  ......
... The main "colder air mass projections" that I've been submitting, posted to "The World",  are (And now apparently perhaps, "were" [!!], ... very important to me. 
As in, .. I had in fact been using their having been posted here, ..... "elsewhere", and in an more "academic" sense. ....
..... "Anything" ... further here Derrick. .. (?)
hey hello Fred.
hey, even with the main "Maintenance work" .. going on .. message that you have posted, both generally, along with attached to it additionally otherwise, ...
I'm a little bit concerned about .. my cold air mass projections, tacked to the main "The World" sub-forum.  //////
... Worse case scenario, being more inline with the idea that perhaps you've dumped all of the ones(with "follow-ups", generated painstakinglyand where looked at altogether in fact, for purposes [even] beyond the more general scope here.)that I've submitted since back in January, ... 
.. and have, elected to start the section "anew". .... (?) 
 [i.e.] in line with the main (and hopefully only default.) message, showing where opening up the broader sub-forum, both today and this evening. ..... 
" .. No topics were found. This is either because there are no topics in this forum, or [because] the topics are older than the current age cut-off."
(Please [re] assure me, that this is "not" the case. ... )
... I don't imagine that you've dumped all of what "Black Hole" had had posted to "Meteorology 101", also showing .. No posts to view .. 0 topics / 0 views. 
 But if you will here again, even with the main "Working on things" message showing, it's certainly somewhat scary for me to think that you may have, discarded all of my work posted.
Richard. ....



Posted 30 July 2014 - 11:58 PM


    The Weather Forums

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Hey Richard,


So I had an issue with the database the other day that didn't go over well. I had tried moving a couple of the sections, and the tables for the content was dropped. I am sincerely sorry that the material you contributed was lost, as well as Derrek's. I managed to fix the problem before a couple other sub forums were broken. The backups I had setup were initially only capturing the weather observations every couple hours and not looking into any other forum section. I have changed that.


I appreciate any effort you guys put into the forum with its content, and would hope that you continue to do so.

richard mann

Posted 31 July 2014 - 12:54 AM

richard mann

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Ok then.  (……. )    @  @
… Well, … I guess I'll begin working (if equally "painstakingly", and if while doing quite a bit other than this in fact / … 9000 degrees in the shade here in sunny, inland CA, …. )
… to "reconstruct" …. all …….. of what I'd posted, submitted previously. 
If he can do it, .. I can. 
 All for the good. Right. ?