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"Natural Variability" ...

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richard mann

Posted 19 May 2015 - 01:42 PM

richard mann

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.. What is it. ? .. Exactly.

Of course you hear this term and idea used quite often, pointed to as being the other main reason and cause connected to Climate Change / Global Warmingas opposed that is of course, to a more anthropomorphic, or "human" caused change. This or otherwise more specifically perhaps where considering a recent more extreme or significant weather event, also set with the idea of Climate Change. But with this, certainly generally, whoever pointing to these ideas not very often going into just what it entails, or might.

.. For general reference sake, here below I've tacked in a set of links to the current general listings of main site-page elements dealing with the subject at three different main internet search engines. "Google", "Bing", and "Lycos", respectively. Interesting to note, with checking the "Lycos" enginea more scientifically focused engine more generallythat the term is also in fact (of course) used to cover that in and of both plant and animal life.

https://www.google.com/?gws rd=ssl#q=Natural+Variability



.. This with per what some of these main and more immediately reviewable resources have to say on the subject, "Natural Variability"as it pertains to "Climate Change"being, apparently, that attributable to mainly "external" "factors" or "forces", i.e. on the whole more, of the earth's broader Climate system. This if with its also taking into account certainly some of the larger and more "internal" factors and forces, in play and working to contribute to the greater idea.

With this thread, I'll be working to compile a general view where looking at of some of these ideas to an extent at least a bit more than their more simple mention. Hopefully working to serve as a general reference where looking at the concept of Natural Variability.
This with also, perhaps for fun, some assessments / views - generated by whomever and where looking at whatever case more specific, having focused on the more general question that I've pointed to here above. More essentially of course, and if again, "Global Warming" or "Natural Variability". (?)
More specific discussion focused, .. http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/526-global-warming/page-5#entry77943