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  2. Indeed. Fully expect a rug-pull but it's nice to look at.
  3. There was some rain on the 00z at least.
  4. Today
  5. Anyway back to weather. 61/55 spread here today for the coolest high of the season so far. Picked up 1.10” of rainfall with numerous downpours and areas of banding throughout the day. We were really fortunate to score today’s cool and wet system before embarking on yet another long much above average and dry period.
  6. This is extremely old news based entirely on the horrible Spring wave in the Northeast seeded from NYC. Since May the opposite is true.
  7. "For the past three years, our community has repeatedly had to deal with rallies of this kind, in which participants travel to our city threatening takeovers, touting their combat unit capacity, and openly bragging about the waste of City resources that they can provoke." Remind me again which side of the divide Mr. Wheeler is talking about here? He seems to be talking about right-wing groups coming into Portland tomorrow, but this also sounds oddly familiar... If only Wheeler and Brown put this much effort into stopping the violence eminating from the fringe left that has holed up i
  8. For Bainbridge: The five US states with the highest number of deaths per capita are all run by Democrats. Also 8 out of the top 10.
  9. I think the only trouble that MSU had was a ND in one of the dorms that killed a student many years ago, which is what brought about the current policy/procedures. I think there may have been a couple of school shootings around the country in the 2-3 months before I was there, which may have heightened sensitivity, but still....gotta remember where you are at.
  10. Mine has been too. Been time to clip some of it.
  11. Good to know. I’m fine with guns. I’d love to try hunting sometime (parents aren’t keen on it) and I’m pro-2A as well.
  12. My grass is exploding with growth.
  13. Managed to wring out 0.22" here, which doesn't make up for getting skunked in last week's thunderstorms, but is better than nothing when heading into yet another warm, dry period.
  14. Utah State had a similar policy in the 1980s (and probably to this day). There never was any trouble from guns during the years I attended.
  15. Up to 1.31” on the day. 4.48” on the month. Solidly wet September. Though we have only had measurable precip on 4 days. And had all come since last Friday. The good news about the mild weather on the way is we will have a fall green up this year.
  16. 59F and cloudy with the occasional bit of drizzle. Otherwise pleasant. We’ve had a tenth of an inch of rain today. Better than nothing and we are above normal rainfall for the month on the east side of town.
  17. Florida has more smoke from the western fires than Washington and Oregon right now...
  18. It's up on Youtube so if anyone missed the show this past week you can listen to it here
  19. Absolutely ridiculous outdoors. Talk about absurd... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6S17AEci08
  20. I see the first mention of frost in the grids for late next week. I'll take the cooldown, just wish there was some precip with it.
  21. One of the guys is his friend. In some places people have been arrested for not wearing a mask when sitting outside with other family members far from any other people while watching a son's baseball game.
  22. Highest number of US cases today since August 14th.
  23. He's sitting with his family far away from anyone else. This is an absurd thing to complain about.
  24. And the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl?
  25. That was a nice quickie. I remember numerous stupid college students driving in that. Was like 5"-6" in some spots and in other spots it was like 2" it was weird.
  26. And in all seriousness...I also believe this winter will be absolutely epic. And for us weather nerds it will be a huge distraction from what an absolute sh*t show 2020 has been.
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