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  1. Hearing reports of lightning and thunder in Kirkland and Puyallup
  2. Looking over CANSIPS and CFS monthlies and weeklies, seems like DJ and most of F are ridge fests. Hope that isn't the case.
  3. Great blog post on Western Washington tornadoes and the conditions needed to make them. https://asawxguy.blogspot.com/2020/09/tornado-season-in-pacific-northwest.html
  4. Looks like fall. Nice having the sun under 45°.
  5. Heavy rain in Everett. Threw open the windows only to find that the smoke smell is still there. Hoping that the air is scoured out this evening, looks like there might be a chance.
  6. I, along with others, mourn her passing, but please take any other discussion on her passing or consequences to the off topic threads.
  7. It was enabled after the upgrade while I work on a few anti spam things. It'll probably stay on until they're deployed.
  8. Dense smoke in Everett right now.
  9. iFred

    Riots 2020

    The downvotes states for now. Also, I enjoy that they’re anonymous as it’s an outlet for people rather than engaging with Tim about one of his wrong knuckle dragging short sighted trash opinions, like his views on cloud maps or leaves changing colors. Why spend hours arguing with him when you could just give him a little red arrow and move on. As I’m thinking about this, I might just set it up where all of Tim’s posts start with ten downvotes.
  10. Seeing similar results around here. Colors just showed up on some trees.
  11. On my to do list, might be a month or two.
  12. Fogsmoke in Everett with temps hanging around 65º
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