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  1. Picked up 0.04” in Tacoma so far today...up to 0.19” on the month.
  2. Looks pretty wet coming up I think we’re out of the worst of it.
  3. Well this isn’t really related to PNW weather...but I’m staying just south of San Antonio the next few days and we will probably get hit by the outer bands of what is expected to be hurricane beta. I’ve never even been close to a hurricane so this will be interesting.
  4. I started on here in October 2018 but didn’t really post much until the big February 2019 snowstorms. It’s definitely an interesting little weather community I like it besides the preference battles! I’m thinking we will definitely get more activity than last year. last winter was pretty forgettable in terms of extreme weather like wind and snow so it won’t be hard to beat!
  5. It’d be nice to get some more people from the SW interior who posted consistently. I’m basically the farthest south poster in the Puget sound region. I’d like this personally because I could get an idea of what the weather is like to the south and west of here during rain events and S/SW flow.
  6. Do you mean there’s too many Portland posters? I think most people on here are from that area but there’s a decent diversity of people from other areas as well. Even a couple up in B.C. I’d guess like half the posters are from the Portland area though.
  7. Sounds like it was a pretty decent storm!
  8. Sounds like you got skunked. It happens sometimes when you get isolated showers unfortunately not everyone gets in on the fun. Good thing is it looks like lots of rain is coming so everyone will be closer to even soon.
  9. D*mn you have got me beat today...looks like a pretty decent round of rain and some lightning moved through wish I had been there to get some pictures.
  10. It’s about time someone else from Tacoma got on the forum! I’m not there now....but looks like we got 0.07” at my house...I’m not on the west end though I’m above Ruston way.
  11. Added fire to an already tense election.
  12. Wow the GFS and EURO look WET. Thank god!
  13. Makes me happy to see all the cleaner air and heavy rain reports...looks like it’s raining in Tacoma now. Almost wish I had been there to see it.
  14. Oh cool I wasn’t sure if it would make it this far north.
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