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  1. I prefer lawns that go brown in the summer. Then I don’t have to mow them.
  2. Oh, yuck. From the most recent Seattle forecast discussion:
  3. And into the extended dry spell we go. Been waiting for one. Time to spend a day packing and preparing to leave town for most of the week. Plan to be camping at Lake Ozette. So long as it doesn’t totally torch and/or we get another dry east wind event, I think the fire season should be over. With the shorter days it is getting increasingly hard for things to completely dry out after a good soaking.
  4. Not my job. Template needs fixing. (And if Fred asks, and gives me the access, I’m willing to try finding and fixing the offending template, but I’m not going to garbage up my location in order to paper over a template issue.)
  5. A mostly rainy 58/54 day here, which ended with some nice sunbreaks for my evening bike ride.
  6. Excuse me? You do virtually everything in your power, short of washing your car, to make rain manifest today, then blame somebody else when the inevitable happens?
  7. All over for now. 0.48" for the day so far. May get some more in a few hours.
  8. I guess we've found the standard, per this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/todaysdebate/2020/09/22/covid-19-deaths-200-000-souls-question-u-s-handling-coronavirus-editorials-debates/5866351002/ Someone I oppose is responsible for 3K deaths (Osama bin Ladin, 9-11): Absolutely intolerable! This means war! No other response is worth considering! Someone I support is responsible for well over 100K deaths: Oh well, everyone dies sometime. What's the big deal? Downvote away, right-wing ghouls!
  9. That's what it made it such a fun year, of course. “Well, I guess it’s going to be one of those unusual winters where Seattle sees absolutely no accumulating snow whatsoever. Suxxxx.” February: “Hold my beer.”
  10. 0.11" so far this morning. Now entering a lull in the activity, but radar shows a big band of green heading in after that. Seems to be mostly a Whatcom/Lower Mainland sort of thing. I consider it compensation for missing out on most of the moisture in the earlier phases of this wet spell.
  11. Rain has moved in. From the looks of the radar, should have at least an hour’s worth of it on tap.
  12. Utah State had a similar policy in the 1980s (and probably to this day). There never was any trouble from guns during the years I attended.
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