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  1. It gets better...this was sunset over Long Island Sound/east end of Long Island. I've seen some amazing sunsets, but I've never seen the visual effects do what I saw tonight. The sun is off to the right, the bright spot off to the left of the image is a glare/reflection of the sun off the curved part of the windscreen. You can also see the shadow of the glareshield and compass on the lower left side of the image. The white marks on the left side are blemishes on the windscreen. All of this moved/changed as the aircraft pitched and rolled (except the blemished of course). Als
  2. if you have 2 monitors there is littlenav maps, a free flight planning/flight tracking software program. Also, if you have an Ipad there is an app (spacedesk) that will turn that into a second monitor. And yeah, the traffic is a bit off, but its still cool to see real flights out and about. I think part of the problem is that air travel as a whole is still way down, but if you hit the big airports you'll see a fair amount of traffic.
  3. LOL, yeah I suppose its kinda sad but given how good the graphics are, it will give me a way to "see" the country in a way I will probably never be able to in real life...and it will be kind of fun to do...at least with my dual monitor set up I can "fly" on one screen while doing other stuff on the other. I need to get some PMP training credits knocked out over the next few months. It will be interesting to see if I can make it back before the weather gets too cold (the sim does simulate icing). 76 here in Bellingham after a low of 52 under orange filtered sun. It got really fog
  4. Yeah....save yourself....its too late for me. Just got enough money to "buy" a Cessna 172 on the FS economy program. Problem is that its in Rhode Island. Starting the process of ferrying it to the PNW....
  5. Yeah, I should be doing yard work but instead I am in a TBM930 cruising at FL280 at 316kn GS headed for KATL. Kinda hazy assuming the weather feed is working right...Looks like the latest patch jacked up the autopilot though....
  6. Yeah, you probably need to get a joystick. I'm running a Logitech extreme 3d pro, it has a simple throttle and the grip twists to control the rudder. It gets the job done and I think they run about $50. I've actually noticed that a lot of youtube simmers use this joystick. When I get back working again I am going to work on getting rudder pedals and a throttle set up. I've also got a "poorman's" track IR set up which consists of a modified PS3 camera and a 3D printed IR LED set up. I paid $50 for that (the real Track IR runs $200).
  7. I have sadly gotten hooked on it, the graphics are amazing, and they are getting the weather dialed in....the weather feed took a crap at one point yesterday afternoon, but seems to be back work this morning. The cloud textures, the effects for rain showers shading against the scenery, turbulence flying though clouds etc. Found a mod called FS Economy that works with most of the flight sims, the premise being you rent planes and fly missions for money. Eventually you can get enough money to buy your own plane, buy FBO's etc. The attached screenshot was in the Seatac area. Al
  8. Stayed pretty cool here in Bellingham, 71/46 on my weather station. Nice day though....not looking forward to the smoke midweek.
  9. I think the only trouble that MSU had was a ND in one of the dorms that killed a student many years ago, which is what brought about the current policy/procedures. I think there may have been a couple of school shootings around the country in the 2-3 months before I was there, which may have heightened sensitivity, but still....gotta remember where you are at.
  10. I suppose I should go back and combine this with the other post that I just did but I am being lazy.....I can't really comment on Northern Arizona, but MSU is amazing. Don't let the application process fool you. They rank among ivy league schools in terms of the number of Goldwater and Rhodes scholars. They have a goal of every undergrad getting published by the time the graduate. Also, for the engineering program, I met a guy who runs one of the biggest construction companies in Portland, he takes interns from all the PNW engineering schools, but he said the MSU engineers have a quality
  11. Congrats! my son is a junior there and absolutely loves it. He is a physics major and just got a research project that deals with a major discovery regarding black holes earlier this year (don't ask me what, its over my head.) Be sure that you look in to the WUE, and if you have any questions, let me know. Have you decided on a major?
  12. Quick Fred, Lock the forum, there has been a very healthy/constructive discussion about global climate trends over the past hour, but if feels like we are about to lose it.....
  13. It's a little tricky for the Whatcom County area, as there isn't really one recording site that goes back. I ended up pulling together a massive spreadsheet and merging the data together for a few sites. I'm having to retool it because the D**n dates are coming out in a different format on the reports now. I've built several summary tables to help slice up the data. Its really helpful for when these guys start throwing dates around (I have a horrible memory for stuff like this).
  14. Bellingham has been skunked in the rain department so far but oh to have glorious fresh air to breath! Trying to figure out what is going to happen with the rain for my area, I would love to see it hold off for a couple more weeks, trying to get a long overdue HOA drainage project done.
  15. Glad to hear that the Oregon Folks got some thunderstorm goodness last night, and it sounds like there was enough rain so that there shouldn't be any new fires....and hopefully they knocked back the existing fires a little bit.
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