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  1. Air quality of 25 now. Wow, never knew how underappreciated clean air was! High of 65 with just 0.28" of rain. Seeing blue sky to the south finally.
  2. Wow...so nice to see the smoke clearing out, first at Corvallis now at Eugene. Eugene went from 2 miles visibility at 5:33 to 10 miles at 5:51. I hope it's that rapid up here.
  3. The 12z pushes the Thursday trigger into overnight which would lessen the chance of any surface based convection. Still shows a decent amount of precip however.
  4. And just like that the smoke has rolled back in. Still not as thick as it has been, but noticeably worse than earlier this morning.
  5. I'm guessing you meant day 4-6? Not day 46 hah
  6. Waking up to by far the best air quality since last Wednesday morning. So nice and refreshing, but not perfect yet.
  7. Today's weather...warmer smoke. In other news, just looking at the one hour precip loop it seems like thunderstorms racing up the valley Thursday. I haven't looked at any other parameters yet though.
  8. Just had my highest wind gust here in days. 5 mph................. The sun is brighter today, but not by a lot.
  9. Putting up with all this smoke is nothing compared to losing your home or even having that real chance! Glad to see!
  10. How do I delete my attachments? I can view them, just not sure how to delete
  11. It's a very small change, but I noticed a few things today. I can't look directly at the sun, as it's too bright even through the smoke. Yesterday it was just a red ball in the sky. Area temperatures show thinner smoke and continued warmer temperatures at higher elevations. Yacolt is 74 while its 64 in BG. Near the fire it's around 70. Larch Mountain is also 73/74. I also noticed that this morning you could not see the top of Mt. Adams on this satellite image, but this afternoon you can. You can also see the Big Hollow Fire and the Oregon fires under the layer of smoke.
  12. 51/65 today thanks to the smoke. Surprised at how cool it gets at night, but does not let radiation in during the day.
  13. Yesssss! I've been watching it move up the coast thank god! Brookings was 88 at 2 this morning...and in the 60s this afternoon.
  14. Winds are still blowing at times here, allowing temperatures to rise and fall very quickly. At one point the temperature dropped 10 degrees in an hour, only to rise 10 degrees in a half hour. Extreme micro-climates too. Less than two miles away its 50, while I'm at 70 degrees. Yacolt is sitting at 44 this morning.
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