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  1. 1.08" of rain overnight. Up to 2.92" on the month. Will end September with ABOVE average precip.
  2. I have not been paying much attention. Historically our first frost is around this time of year, but since I have lived up here that average first frost date has been pushed back about a month.
  3. Okay, go ahead. Change the subject. The point was the weather in your area is relevant to me, you said it is not. I disagree. You are incapable of either conceding or understanding my point. You just want to argue.
  4. The point is not that you control the weather or what your preferences are. The point is, the weather in the Puget Sound region is more consequential to us than ours is to you. Sure sometimes systems are suppressed far to the south, or we get backdoor blasts. But by and large, if you are under a death ridge we are baking even more, if you are not getting a cold air mass then we certainly are not 200 miles to the south.
  5. Down stream impacts. It is like you are pissing in the water upstream and do not think it impacts us.
  6. Nothing a trip to Moses Lake can't fix!
  7. Hey it is probably raining in North Bend, WA right now! Think of Tim losing vitamin D as we speak.
  8. Both El Ninos if I recall correctly. What were some of our warmer Nina Septembers?
  9. It's sad. It is truly a really neat and often overlooked area. It has gained in popularity quite a bit over the past 10-15 years. When I was a kid I had never even heard of it, I don't think I went there until 2007 or 08. Some of my best memories with my ex-wife were when we would take our dogs out there and spend a relaxing day in the woods. I hate to even tell her about this, she will be devastated. Every summer when she comes out here she hikes Shellburg Falls and Opal Creek.
  10. The Shellburg Falls area, which is essentially right behind Silver Falls, and has grown quite a bit in popularity in the past decade was absolutely devastated by the Beachie Creek Fire. Looks like the area suffered complete torching, really hard to look at those pics. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.statesmanjournal.com/amp/3511964001
  11. https://www.kptv.com/weather/blog/much-needed-rain-continues-through-friday/article_d5ab8242-fe1a-11ea-a892-8b17b0454fe7.html?fbclid=IwAR2uw7GZjyj_E1vctpipgHY-B6wCHeQViUYndA5irIryETswjIYrA20sYic
  12. In all seriousness, unless we see a significant East wind event I am not overly worried about the fires reaching populated areas.
  13. It’s called histrionic personality disorder. Most prevalent in women, but some men do experience this condition.
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