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  1. This smoke is nothing compared to what we had. Looks like fall gets going on schedule this year.
  2. I thought that Trump's strategy in combatting Biden's attack was pretty terrible. He should have let Joe ramble on about "200,000" dead. If Trump was not just so D**n defensive about everything he could make a pretty compelling case that it is always easy to play Monday morning quarterback, but in the end what we have seen in the US is essentially par for the course with this virus. He makes himself worse by getting so defensive. Biden talking about empty seats at the dinner table and such is just, for the lack of a better word, irrelevant. Most people understand the average age of people who
  3. The resistance to COVID precautions (Masks, lockdowns) would have probably been even more amplified if Hillary had been elected in 2016. I cannot imagine what it would have been like if Hillary Clinton of all people was trying to shutter our economy. But I don't think those people would listen to anyone, so the corresponding death toll would have probably been similar. There may have been more unrest early on though. Unfortunately what unrest we avoided early on made its way into our society eventually.
  4. I'm so burned out on this topic. I can't believe some of you are still closely following it. It is not that I do not care, or think COVID is not a serious issue. It is, and I still take the same precautions. I just have to move on with my life. I think the political argument about COVID is about as stupid as can be. Biden blaming the deaths on Trump is about as pathetic as it gets. Trump's response is just as dumb, saying 2 million people would be dead if Biden was President. No, the number would be about 200,000. If Trump was a rational human, he would talk about the per capita statisti
  5. If 2020 has taught us anything it is that we are completely on our own.
  6. The debate made me physically ill. Now I can't sleep. Trump just went completely off the rails. Biden was his own kind of awful, but I doubt many people even noticed. If you were voting for Trump, this won't change your mind, but if you were undecided, I don't see how you could vote for Trump.
  7. 92-93 was the best winter of my childhood. SLE had 32" that winter, which I believe is top 5 for them. We had a little more out in Silverton. Capped off with a 12" snowfall on 2/19/93.
  8. Silver Falls hit 88 on 10/2/1970. Of course the end of that month was very cold.
  9. My brother said he hit 97 in Coquille on the S. Oregon coast yesterday.
  10. January 2008 was pretty ridiculous up here. 2nd deepest snow depth on record at Silver Falls with 47" on the 31st.
  11. December 1998 was a pretty legit airmass. It was a more impressive airmass than December 2013.
  12. A little rain around the 5/6th and then more ridging on the 18z.
  13. One of the snowiest up here too. Big time events in January, late February, and early March. All time March low here and at Salem too.
  14. Same here. We had nearly 14” that month, remarkable given that was one of the driest years on record.
  15. What the **** was 2018-19?! That February kind of came out of nowhere.
  16. Other than 1952, all those other winters produced big time. 1970-71 is one of the most underrated winters IMO, some really nice events.
  17. There was some rain on the 00z at least.
  18. Up to 1.31” on the day. 4.48” on the month. Solidly wet September. Though we have only had measurable precip on 4 days. And had all come since last Friday. The good news about the mild weather on the way is we will have a fall green up this year.
  19. I have had that feeling too. The way 2020 has been going I could see a January 2008 redux happening up here.
  20. Going to end the water year above average too. 39.82” here would be the driest year on record by about 12”.
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