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  1. I'll be at the coast (Depoe Bay) for a few days in early Oct. Bring on the warm and dry anomalies.
  2. If anyone knows of a PNW investment opportunity for palm trees, let me know. Seems like this is a good time to get in before all the institutional investment companies catch on. Palm trees are the future.
  3. I like it. That's the perfect time of the year for warm anomalies. How does the rest of October look?
  4. I gave it some more thought. Perhaps MacGyver an old waverunner motor instead. Moss knows those well.
  5. I like it. Perhaps find some old rusty pickup and use the motor to power up a small tow rope for the neighborhood kids.
  6. Get the plow ready to go. I expect to see 3 foot banks this winter for your snow zone.
  7. Do you always have 1 bar of signal strength and 6% of battery life in those parts? Could be a deal breaker for me since I love lowland, west side snow zones.
  8. There were definitely some heavy showers around town. I know because I got drenched by a couple. There was even enough for some very minor flooding/ponding around the downtown area. I even had to turn my windshield wipers to high. I do think that casualties were kept to a minimum thankfully.
  9. EUG gusting to 41 now. Anyone know what the criteria is for a wind advisory? Seems like we're there now.
  10. I tried giving you a storm emoji but you must have disabled it for admins. So I added my own. Apologies to TWL.
  11. It's been warm out and bone dry. Much windier than expected. EUG gusting up to 37mph. The pine needles, cones, and leaves are flying around all over the place. Glad I didn't clean my gutters yet because I would have had to do it a second time.
  12. AQI down to 71 here. Almost seems normal at this point. I can see a few blue chunks in the sky which has been pretty elusive for the last 10 days.
  13. I've been hanging outside for the last 15 minutes or so. I'm happy to report at least 50 lightning flashes and thunder. It has been exactly 0 days since the last time I saw a lightning bolt. The neighborhood turkeys have been gobbling like crazy.
  14. There's still way too much smoke to even see the sky. Hearing rumbles here too, but no visuals.
  15. I'm pretty sure it was issued by Fox Force 5.
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