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  1. One of the guys is his friend. In some places people have been arrested for not wearing a mask when sitting outside with other family members far from any other people while watching a son's baseball game.
  2. Snowstorms in Colorado cause hot winds and fires in Oregon.
  3. Today was the last day of 2020 that had more than 12 hours of daylight and the last day the sun angle reached above 55 degrees. As we've entered the fall, the sun is now setting south of west.
  4. Atmospheric river has ditched the Northern California fires.
  5. Looks to be hot again next week after a cooler day today. Traditional early fall offshore flow.
  6. Another hot day today, but this is our Indian summer.
  7. You can control our weather Stop driving cars Kill off all cows Stop using electricity Never ever vote Republican again
  8. Wind direction has changed for some smoke this morning.
  9. It cooled off quickly this evening. Sunset tonight was 6:46 PM, as compared to 7:02 PM on the Spring Equinox. Sunset is getting earlier twice as quickly as the sunrise is getting later, which was 6:39 AM today. The Equation of Time is kicking solar noon backwards about 21 seconds each day. Worldwide everywhere has a little more than 12 hours of daylight today. The sun is visible at both the North Pole and the South Pole 24 hours. It sets at the North Pole in 2 days.
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