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  1. There’s clearly a rise starting in cases like flatiron originally mentioned but this is something I fully expected with schools and colleges back in session. We’ll have to see how it goes from here. My guess is that we don’t see a major wave this fall as people are doing pretty good with COVID protocol etc. However, there’s still a part of me that worries I might be wrong...
  2. Awesome to see some of those totals down in Oregon, especially hearing about some of those crazy downpours. I feel like I have been tracking rain like snow today:)
  3. The ironic thing (with at least the people I know). The folks I know that are against the restrictions the most (mostly older generations like my parents or in laws) have been following the protocol the best ( they never go out anywhere or meet up with people etc. However, most of my younger generation friends are more adamant about following the restrictions but actually follow them more poorly (go to protests, stores, kids on playgrounds, get together at peoples houses etc. which goes to show why the younger ages are spreading it more than adults and also probably why the more liberal you
  4. It was sort of expected that cases would rise or at least the drop in cases would stall as with Labor Day and university students going back to campus. I am cautiously hoping we don’t see a 1918 like fall spike. Circumstances were much different back then but still you never know.
  5. I saw that they have been spiking lately and was curious what is causing it. I assumed it was the universities but I can’t find anywhere where they tell you what positive cases are coming from campuses. If it is from the campuses it must be a certain outbreak which is why it is much worse their than campuses in other states.
  6. Curious if Wisconsin’s recent major spike is from colleges or protests. It seems to be tie in more in line with the protests (which I am not saying I’m against them just seeing if they are related). This article seems to tie it to colleges coming back though which makes sense but large protests also occurred at the same time and it’s not the college students that are creating most of the positive tests. https://www.wpr.org/wisconsin-covid-19-cases-rise-september-spike-hits-college-towns
  7. Ya I have been curious to see how things play out with both colleges and younger grade schools especially if there end up being any major differences between the two.
  8. Does anyone happen to know how public schools, that are doing in person learning in other states, are fairing? It sounds like they have been fairing better than colleges. Not sure if that is any evidence of not spreading much through younger children.
  9. To be fair, what most people think of when talking about Europe especially the central part (ie: UK, Spain, Italy, and even Belgium and Sweden). Which are all even or substantially worse than the US. Phil’s comment on the death rate comparison was not that ridiculous and could easily end up being true later down the road.
  10. Smoke is worse here this morning in Seattle than the last few days.
  11. Ya I get the part of the weak systems but here being close to the sound we almost always have some wind even with inversions. This has been more thick/stagnant than anything I remember.
  12. Ya so weird seeing the satellite/radar with showers/systems flying over us but no wind etc outside.
  13. Someone at it again....don’t get why they were released so quickly to then again start more fires... https://komonews.com/news/nation-world/man-arrested-after-admitting-he-used-molotov-cocktail-to-start-brush-fire-in-portland
  14. Has been a good sign though as there have been a lot of schools in other states with full in person schooling for over 3-4 weeks now and so far no major spikes or deaths. I think Washington is letting the other states be the guinie pigs just like the PAC12 and NFL. See how things go in Florida and Texas first...
  15. On a side note King County COVID weekly avg cases dropped to 65 per 100K which is lower than the 75 threshold for public schools going to some in-person learning and advancing to the next phase of opening. See what king county says next week. They still have one more week to go but assuming they might start talking about what the next steps might be.
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