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  1. Losing what? Andrew made silly comments about preferences.
  2. You seem to want to argue... you are the one with the silly comments about vitamin D and Moses Lake.
  3. The point is that you seem very concerned that some of us are now looking forward to a sunny period coming up... when what any of us enjoy is irrelevant to what happens.
  4. Thanks for that exciting update. Does not change anything. If you want to ignore the ECMWF and EPS then go ahead. Here the 12Z EPS for the 8-15 day period...
  5. Interesting post... that implies that I control the weather. No idea how anyone's preferences matter. But we all have preferences and they are not going to change and those preferences will never have any impact on what actually happens.
  6. I don't control the weather. We have had a ton of rain here recently so its nice to see another sunny period coming up. Regardless of what I want... nature will do whatever its going to do. Why do you care so much what people hundreds of miles away think about their local weather?
  7. Deck has definitely been re-shuffled on the 12Z ECMWF in 9 days...
  8. 12Z GEFS looks pretty similar to recent EPS runs...
  9. Has the GFS been upgraded now? I saw Mark mentioned new GFS ensembles in his latest blog post.
  10. Not that anyone was really thinking about 1933... but analogs don't work that way. I think you just find it comforting.
  11. Completely exposed to the Sound and the south wind there... no mystery why you get such strong winds at times!
  12. The entire I-5 corridor has places at 500 feet in elevation... or more in some places. My parents live at 500 feet way up in the high mountains about a mile east of the alpine hamlet of Barkley Village right in the middle of Bellingham. Takes awhile to adjust to the altitude there.
  13. Yes... we see it all the time on here when the models show an arctic outbreak or snow in the long range!
  14. Yes... nature is going to do that. And the people who live up here discuss the weather that happens and they experience.
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