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  1. Too many Asian torque wrenches on that run.
  2. The Babylon Bee is quite entertaining.
  3. Seattle and Portland have both f*cked this up royally. I don’t think there’s an at least moderately intelligent person on the planet who can effectively argue otherwise. It’s been 100+ days since George Floyd and there was no playbook for what has happened since, but that’s certainly no excuse. Realistically, there are likely very few mayors in liberal hubs that would have the fortitude to find the sweetspot between law and order and the right to protest. As for Trump, he’s no help. There’s been a complete void of any kind of unifying influence from the executive branch
  4. The message was lost long ago, unless you’re someone that allows themself to exist in the current climate of intense confirmation biases. And I see a pretty steady diet of misrepresentation/exaggeration of the current state of affairs on the right. The Antifa-wildfire connection was a pretty good illustration of that.
  5. No doubt the left has overplayed their hand at this point but the right has done the same. The violent aspects of the protests have been twisted to portray them as more widespread and pervasive than reality. It’s quite ironic because the left is doing the same thing with the issue of violent racism within the law enforcement community.
  6. Reality is it’s not nearly as partisan an issue as either of you think.
  7. You should tweet about it.
  8. You’ve come a long way baby!
  9. If you have to ask you can’t afford it.
  10. https://www.kgw.com/mobile/article/weather/accuweather/this-is-record-low-temperature-for-northern-hemisphere/507-d3d73695-71b0-46bd-94d7-1479dadf470d?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot&fbclid=IwAR3H-zn6ZVxbwLX6OXqPUZbqSt2AFJke2XnvRkQTwkrsHrOac_TMH1IVbww
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