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  1. Oh no, I totally get it. My brother has been trying to get me on board for a while and I’ve been holding off until the kids are both out of the house. If course that might be another 10 years...
  2. Stand back and stand by!!!
  3. I can totally see myself getting completely obsessed with this.
  4. I had a Nintendo. It snowed MULTIPLE times while it was in my possession.
  5. In the age of fake news and a fake pandemic, the cold oughta be fake too I suppose.
  6. From this independent’s perspective, there was no winner. A winner in a debate needs to change hearts and minds. Neither even came close.
  7. And he might win anyway. Pretty sad state of affairs...
  8. I think that was intentional. Trump tried to hijack things to the extent that essentially created that dynamic. He knew his base would enjoy it and then use it as a means to string out the same tired narrative.
  9. I’ve been swayed!!!!
  10. Eh... not bad. They have good soup. And soup is delightful on these crisp fall days.
  11. Me thinks October will end cooler than it starts.
  12. I’d settle for three feet this winter.
  13. Record weekend for Clark County with 127 new cases!
  14. I wouldn’t call it an inversion, per se. It’s more just the fact that some areas, not entirely based on elevation, will benefit more from the downslope conditions.
  15. I’m sure some places won’t entirely mix out, but offshore flow is fairly decent today and even if only the mid levels go adiabatic you’d think it will mix down pretty easily.
  16. Mid 80’s always seemed like a good bet for today for areas that catch the downslope. 90 or so tomorrow IF we have enough residual offshore.
  17. Latest Euro shows ridging through Thursday. Let’s see where it goes from there...
  18. He REALLY wants us to get reverse mortgages.
  19. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QZGIlxk96gI
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