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  1. Feels like Fall tonight! 49 degrees currently.
  2. 241 PM’s about how you need to quit enjoying the sun so much?
  3. A few weekends ago when we were over at Entiat and the AQI was at 505, we watched a marathon of Matlock since we were house bound.
  4. You must be even older than me!
  5. .36” on the day, 3.06” on the month, 42.25” for the year. 53 degrees and cloudy.
  6. I need to break those out again!!!! The glory days of January 1996, November 1996, December 1996, and December 1998 I still have coverage on!!
  7. Tim is my phone app and weather model all rolled into one! Unfortunately the Jesse app refuses to delete off of my Phone.
  8. Tim... You are in big trouble again!! What happened to my dry weekend? Spent the day weedeating in massive downpours.
  9. My grass is exploding with growth.
  10. And in all seriousness...I also believe this winter will be absolutely epic. And for us weather nerds it will be a huge distraction from what an absolute sh*t show 2020 has been.
  11. Jesse warned you to stay away from Taco Bell...
  12. November 2006 is number 1 in my book for exciting weather for month number 11. #2 being 1985.
  13. .64” on the day so far, 2.69” on the month, 41.88” on the year. 54 degrees currently. 35 AQI.
  14. If Tim controlled the weather he would not have needed to dig his family truckster out from his driveway when 50 feet of snow fell the night before they were flying to Hawaii a few years ago.
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