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  1. An almost perfect day here weather-wise (outside of some gusty winds), a great day to spend some time outside... the smoke from the western wildfires certainly has obscured the blue skies and the visibility has even dropped just a bit. Was out working in the yard this afternoon and felt very little warmth from the afternoon sun. My wife unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19 a couple days ago, so going to be outside a lot more with my two boys to keep our distance as much as we can... it’s not a great situation but she’s been feeling okay, no major issues with the virus so far out
  2. Yikes, that will almost certainly negate or lessen the affects of the recent rainfall's impact on the drought. We need to keep cutting into the huge moisture deficits around here, but that doesn't look to be happening anytime soon.
  3. Finished with a storm total of 2.10” of very much needed rainfall for the week. Really enjoyed the cool, damp, and dreary weather this week... however I am looking forward to warmer temps and more sun this weekend!
  4. I have picked up an additional half inch of rain in my backyard since last night... sitting at a storm total so far of 1.50” of much needed rainfall. Not too shabby at all, with another half inch to one inch of rain in the forecast between now and Friday.
  5. Right at one inch of rain for the day in my backyard, nice to get a steady, soaking rain that will help green things up just a bit by the weekend. Hoping that we can pick up the 1 to 1.5 additional inches of rain that the NWS is predicting here over the next couple of days.
  6. Feeling your pain a little bit, I have picked up about 0.65” of rain today in my backyard even though it seems like we should have picked up much more. When you are in a drought you have to be thankful for whatever falls from the sky. Lots of rain chances upcoming to put a dent in this stupid drought.
  7. "Only" made it to 95 here today, after several days of it looking like we would be making a run into the 100's today. The rainfall deficit continues to deepen closer to 12" on the year, however this next week offers us a nice respite with some really solid chances of moderate to heavy rainfall. Either way, I will welcome the cooler and rainy weather, and I have some hope now that we will put a bit of a dent in that rainfall deficit by the end of the week.
  8. Picked up 0.05” of rainfall last night in my backyard, basically just enough to wet the recently baked ground. It just seems so difficult to get any type of decent or appreciable rainfall around here. The next 10 days does not hold much hope to stopping the rainfall deficit around here from deepening further. Very thankful for the cooler temps though as the constant 90-100 degree heat was wearing on me.
  9. It’s not just an Iowa problem... as Omaha approaches an 11 inch precipitation deficit for the year so far. It is frustrating to see everything turning brown here.
  10. What a disgusting and frustrating map for East Central Nebraska and Western Iowa... the severe drought continues to deepen here and Mother Nature continues to do us absolutely no favors.
  11. What a monster of a storm! Hoping most everyone got out of the way of this hurricane.
  12. Omaha Eppley hit 99 degrees for the high temperature today... in my own backyard in Southwest Omaha my weather station registered a high of 96. Four more days of this heat to come... I am so over this hot and dry summer weather. Any yards locally that were able to remain green and lush through the first part of the summer are now stressed and starting to turn brown even with regular watering, thanks to the lack of rainfall and the persistent heat over the weekend... the pattern change coming next weekend can't get here soon enough!
  13. Tom, are you seeing any dust storms in Arizona? It looks like Phoenix is getting hit with one right now. I guess its still better than a "firenado." Webcams showing the wall of dust approaching downtown PHX: https://www.phoenix.gov/citycam
  14. Interesting wispy storm clouds before the non-severe thunderstorms moved through Southwest Omaha.
  15. Picked up a quick half inch of rain in my backyard in Southwest Omaha, I didn’t expect much of anything tonight so this makes up for getting the shaft on Friday. Plus the clouds that preceded the storms were pretty photogenic, will have to post a picture of them when I get my computer. Areas to our west and south definitely got into the better action again, however I am thankful for what we got today on a 30% chance.
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