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  1. I figured there'd be more smoke aloft by now, but the moon is still very clear here.
  2. Ended up with 0.35" of rain today, not bad for a supposed "dry" day.
  3. It seems like it's been a bit more focused up there this year. I just looked at my records from last year and last September is running half an inch ahead of this one. Currently up to 2.05" on the month here with the rain this morning. It's interesting how dry East/Central Vancouver Island has been through this stretch, places like Nanaimo are even running behind Victoria on the month.
  4. Looks like the rain is coming to a pretty abrupt halt behind the front. Picked up another 0.4" up here, for a monthly total of 1.81". Should be enough to end the seasonal drought.
  5. For maybe the first time ever Victoria is actually running ahead of you in precip. Ended up with 0.47" today, with some quick hitting but very intense showers.
  6. Sad to see this one going north, would have made for an exciting weekend:
  7. Getting a few heavy showers rolling through here this morning, up to 0.31" since midnight.
  8. The 0z is sending our weekend rainfall into the BC Central Coast
  9. I think Shawnigan even beat out Tofino and other West Coast locations for rain today. Quite the morning downpour up there.
  10. It always amazes me how much wind you get for an inland area. There's barely even a breeze here now.
  11. That's the same amount as we have here, so much for the dry south.
  12. Getting a decent downpour here now, but only up to 0.55" on the day. Currently raining at 1.8"/hour so if this keeps up this single band might bring us closer to the totals in the rest of the region.
  13. That's even less than Victoria, sitting at 0.28" here. Not quite looking like a Sept 2013 event but most places will easily exceed their Sept average in the next 5~6 days.
  14. Nice looking tropical moisture tap over the weekend on the 18z:
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