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  1. I share the same feeling, I was up late and had my eye on the radar and it sure seemed like SLE got hit by a lot of good cells. Pretty surprised to see 0.30 in there.
  2. Some serious looking stuff from EUG to SLE. It has to be a nice show down there.
  3. Yeah I'm thinking this is just the appetizer. I've had just enough rain for some spotty accumulation. 3 AM - 9 AM time period might be the peak I think.
  4. Low now coming in at Westport, WA. Just southerlies for us and all snow up north, Seattle wins yet again. Sick and tired of it.
  5. The National Weather Service in Portland has issued a * Severe Thunderstorm Warning for... South central Lane County in western Oregon... * Until midnight PDT.. * At 1127 PM PDT, a severe thunderstorm was located 12 miles north of Rock Creek Campground, or 20 miles northeast of Sutherlin, moving north at 50 mph. HAZARD...Quarter size hail. SOURCE...Radar indicated. IMPACT...Damage to vehicles is expected.
  6. I've seen probably 30+ flashes at this point to the west, only quiet rumbles for most of them. Really impressive light show though. Obviously I can't see anything but a flash through the surface level smoke. Should be interesting once the action starts shifting further east.
  7. Seeing plenty of lightning towards the coast range in the direction of Banks. Hearing nothing at this point so probably fairly distant now. Pretty nice light show though.
  8. Seeing the lightning now to the west, too far to hear very much of it.
  9. HRRR showing some pretty decent t storms moving up the valley this evening
  10. Hopefully the smoke will help keep the temps down at or below freezing and all of the precip falls as snow.
  11. Yeah I guess I'm not taking the positioning of that band too literally on that fairly low resolution map. Fortunately the last Euro run looked much more generous for areas further east. Hopefully we can get some downpours right on the fires.
  12. Hopefully the presence of the smoke and cool surface temps doesn't throw a wrench into the forecast for convection today. These look beautiful.
  13. Yeah total crap air quality here too. At least it will feel satisfying when this system comes crashing in here and douses this place with rain and wind. Seriously cannot wait for it.
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