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  1. We have a riot and Covid thread. How about one specific to the election coming up? Should be a mess!
  2. Pretty sweet. I’m going to have to buy the Xbox game pass for PC to try it out. I love me some PC games.
  3. I just watched a leaf fall from a tree. FALL!
  4. I agree video game character. Tim probably had his hands in this.
  5. Only an idiot would change their mind at this point. (unless they switch to my side)
  6. Absolutely no breeze at the surface here. Feels warm already.
  7. Thanks for the great intel soldier. I read this last night and I flew into a fit of rage. Drove up to lake LaCamas and fired a few shots into its depths. It will think twice before downvoting me again.
  8. I don’t think that is a choice yet. Fred?
  9. Yeah, I honestly thought they missed their chance when the smoke inversion was going so strong. Impressive stuff. October should also be a record warm month. November will be record cold.
  10. I was kind of surprised to see my phone going with a high of 80 every day this week a few days ago. Seems like it is correcting itself and showing warmer temps now, but some of the forecasts I've seen seemed a little low.
  11. That would be a wonderful way to end the warm period.
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