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  1. 972mb just east of Lake Superior...let's see if trends continue today...its a complex set up whereby a southern piece forms along the front and phases with the northern stream energy diving S/SE out of NW Canad and into the GL's region...fascinating to say the least...
  2. It's another comfortable, cool and calm morning here today with a temp hovering in the upper 50's (57F). Wash, rinse, repeat....I could get used to this but I'm afraid my windows will be closed by this time next week and my furnace will be activated for the 1st time this season. Speaking of next week, BIG changes brewing on the Euro/Ukie for early next week as both models are suggesting a "Pan Handle Hook" type of storm system to traverse the Southern/Eastern Sub Sun-Wed and bombing out near the GL's. Woah, this is quite the change and fascinating to say the least. What a way to finis
  3. Taking a stroll around the neighborhood this morning and I’m seeing more trees starting to turn color. Starting to look like Autumn !
  4. I spotted something this morning when flipping through the models and if you look at the 500mb pattern across N.A later next week, it almost looks like what the CFSv2 is currently forecasting for the month of October. A glimpse of whats to come??? I'm already anticipating to see an active northern stream this coming season as being one Exhibit of the developing LRC. The BIG difference this cold season will be the Greenland Block that I truly believe will show up in the colder months. This will allow a southerly shift in the storm track. I got this feeling December will continue the theme
  5. It's another comfortable morning with a current temp in the upper 50's (56F). I could get used to this tranquil and warm weather pattern but we still need some more rain. Speaking of which, the models are not trending kindly over here for a good soaker and primarily hitting N and E of here. Full disclosure, this storm early next week totally feels like I'm tracking a hybrid clipper that would blast the GL's with a good synoptic snow along with a vicious LES set up on the back end. The 00z Euro brings down some of the coldest air of the season with multiple days of lake effect rains nex
  6. As we welcome the 1st day of astronomical Autumn today, the weather Gods will certainly be blessing us with amazing Indian Summer conditions. The forecast today couldn't get any better. Just about as perfect as one could ask for. Get out and enjoy it bc things are going to change soon! Boy, some abrupt changes are about to occur starting late this weekend into the early next week. It definitely appears that we are heading towards some real autumn weather and a more active pattern for most of the Sub. As it stands now, the GL's region looks to get most of the action to kick sta
  7. Your type of Fall weather is coming next week starting on Monday that will bring cold, windy, raw/wet type of autumn days around here and throughout the MW/GL's region. Models starting to hone in on a vigorous Autumn storm system to traverse the northern Sub and usher in the seasons 1st legit Autumn storm around these parts.
  8. On this last day of Summer, what a splendid day mother nature has in store for nearly all of us on here. My goodness, you can't ask for a better forecast than this...upper 70's and sunshine galore...wash, rinse, repeat for the remainder of this week until late in the weekend when a storm system I've been waiting to unfold will flip the pattern on a dime as we close out the last few days of the month and open up October. It's amazing to me how nearly every year right around the beginning of October the pattern seems to "snap" into an entirely different one. Needless to say, I think this comi
  9. Happy Monday! Gosh, I can't believe we are already at the last week full work week of September. Time is flying by this year for me. Yesterday, I was visiting a friend and was in charge of the Weber grill duties and while doing so, that sun felt sooo nice. It was a picture perfect Sunday for Football, Grilling and outdoor activities. He lives on a golf course and it was packed. I also noticed how blue the skies were the past few days but the smokey skies filled in towards late in the afternoon. It's crazy how long this phenomenon is going on for. I remember experiencing smokey skies in
  10. I love seeing these picturesque signs of Autumn...Frost and rising steam off the lakes and ponds...
  11. Models are beginning to pick up on a storm system next weekend and a wetter/cooler pattern towards the tail end of the month. 00z EPS, especially, trending towards a highly amplified pattern across North America that may very well deliver the coolest air of the season as we close out Sept and open up Oct. Unfortunately, it doesn't look to deliver a lot of precip for the central Plains and targeting more of the eastern Sub. We'll see how this develops over the coming week. Check out this animation below which shows the rolling 5-day 500mb ensemble mean for week 2. A number of bi
  12. Stay safe and healthy my friend! Like you, we are having delightful autumn-like wx around here. While not active, I'm content having nothing but sunshine and temps in the 70's for the entire week coming up. As Jaster mentioned, 1st round of Indian Summer wx heading for our region. There were some isolated locals in the coldest spots that had some frost yesterday morning but more so into MI/IN.
  13. It still hurts what seemed like what "could have been" an amazing winter for many of us while the LRC was setting up last year during Oct/Nov. I'll take that learning experience and move forward. Lot's of lessons learned and I'm REALLY paying attn to those signals that didn't work out last year, for this year's cold season. IMHO, the N PAC is catching my eye and the Greenland Block will be one of the wildcards this year. In recent years, the G.B. seems to show up in the Autumn and then re-appear in the Spring when the jet is weaker or weakening, but then disappears when the jet intensifies
  14. Looks like many records are being broken to our neighbor to the east!. From what I see, KAZO is at 37F so far establishing a record low. Edit: Add Battle Creek, MI to the mix...new record low of 36F thus far... It's a chilly and crisp 42F here from one of the local reporting stations. Calm winds and clear skies will do the trick. I'm surprised its as chilly as parts of McHenry county where temps there are in the low 40's as well. I'm looking forward to having a bon fire at my sisters place later today. Got my space heater out for the 1st time this season warming
  15. Bon fire for sure this weekend! Perfect fall-like weekend to venture outdoors and enjoy the pleasant weather.
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