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  1. Biden contradicted himself way too many times. Trump ruined the economy yet we need to shut the economy back down, he praised the green new deal then denounced it, he said there is systemic racism in policing yet the issue with policing is a few bad apples. It's like Hillary's scripted garbage but worse. Trump actually won the debate when it came to talking about legitimate issues (he defended the Supreme Court pick well). He just made a jackass of himself as expected, and Biden and Wallace both deservedly put him in his place.
  2. Back home from my fall colors photo road trip of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. It is a very windy and cloudy one. 58.6*F.
  3. Failing to denounce white nationalism when asked if he would denounce white nationalism was the biggest screw up. Everyone expected that he'd say dumb crap, but Chris literally gave him the absolute perfect opportunity to take the high road and denounce white nationalist violence when Joe refused to denounce antifa violence, and he didn't take it. I know he doesn't support white nationalism, so why didn't he just say that?
  4. I'm voting Trump. Boring weather here in the Midwest S U X.
  5. If you came into the debate thinking that it'd be anything other than what it ended up being, you're dumb.
  6. Thanks for allowing us to see who reacts posts again, Fred!
  7. Some states don't have that issue. ND counts unique people tested.
  8. Hahahahaha we can see who reacted stuff again! I was right about you, Jesse!
  9. Minnesota has hit the big 2,000 in deaths!
  10. Constant highs in the mid-60s near 70 some days with a Northwest wind and full sun are totes awesome, yo.
  11. Virus spread isn't the only thing that matters when putting restrictions in place. The second that people realize that, we will have world peace and flying cars.
  12. It was a response to a stupidly partisan post. It's funny that the instigator in all of this is someone who said a couple months back, "it's sad how political this is". Yet he's turning the thread into a political cesspool.
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