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  1. The GFS/GEFS upgrade supposedly happens tomorrow. Who is ready for full resolution runs out to 35 days (once per day)? Should be fun in the winter
  2. This is the tail end of our monsoon season but it does occasionally happen. Hasn't rained all month though so I am happy for it!
  3. Let's all be nice to each other and move on from the petty arguments...you know...could be nice
  4. A few light showers this morning around Phoenix, but highs continue to run 100-105 the next few days. Might make one last run at 110 early next week. At least the lows are cooling off at this point.
  5. For SLC, this was unprecedented for this time of year. All that wind was compounded with fully leafed trees.
  6. It was a major storm from all I can gather. Peak gust of 99 mph where people live, but generally 80-100 mph along the eastern Foothills with major tree damage and some structural damage. Even in the city, the power is still out 2 days later for some.
  7. Basically none. It rained once at my house the entire summer with 1/4". Some places haven't had anything! UHI made it much worse, but most areas saw their warmest summer on record down here, or at least one of the warmest. An unpleasant welcome for me.
  8. This summer has been the worst! I can't wait to get out of here and go somewhere it snows again :) 15 days with highs 115+. 28 days with lows 90+. 53 days of 110+. 2 warmest months on record. 20 record highs and 19 record warm lows so far.
  9. It's been a while. Let's see...July was the hottest month on record until August was. Almost no rain. A miserable summer to be sure. We will get the fringes of the coming cold so its something.
  10. Very rarely! It's "ok" in the morning when its in the low 90s but I try to avoid the afternoons entirely haha
  11. 96 degrees it looks like. We did hit 94 days as part of a 7 day stretch with lows of 90+ A bit cooler the last few days with highs around 110 and some clouds.
  12. 115 in Phoenix this afternoon after a low of 94F. Fun times.
  13. It's going to get ugly down here in the next week with an unbelievably strong ridge building to my NE. Might get some 115-118F days.
  14. Our first moisture surge of the monsoon produced high water content but no rain in Phoenix. Looks boring (dry/hot) for the next week.
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