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  1. The GFS and Euro no longer have any freezing temps around here this weekend into next week. The Euro had always been warmer than the GFS, but now it doesn't even get the temp below 40º. The GFS had a freeze across the area on several runs, but now it only gets us down to the mid 30s one morning, with 40+º every other morning.
  2. I picked up a decent 0.39" of rain today, better than what models were predicting.
  3. We also fell well short of the expected high temp today due to plenty of clouds. I'm glad it remained pleasant. Southwest Iowa hit the mid 90s.
  4. It's certainly looking pretty chilly next week as a deep trough digs and holds over the eastern US. As far as rain goes, it sure would be nice if we could get something more consistent. We went weeks with nothing from July into early August, then we got the derecho. Then, we went weeks more with nothing and then a week of nothing but rain. Now, we're right back to weeks with nothing again.
  5. The real heavy rain did not really come together for my yard last night, but I still received another several tenths of an inch. My weekly total is up to 6.12". There may be one more thin line of cells later this evening before the system finally clears out.
  6. The 18z NAM/3k NAM are showing another 2" of rain falling on Cedar Rapids later this evening. The HRRR has the band of rain moving through more quickly and only dropping one inch.
  7. Another 1.21" of rain has fallen here today, boosting my weekly total to 5.05". We could get another inch through Saturday morning.
  8. I already had 0.60" this morning before the latest cell moved in. This cell is orange to deep orange on radar and the rain is very heavy.
  9. Those are all 12z runs, which include all the rain that fell today.
  10. The 00z NAM and 3k NAM show another 1-2+" falling across eastern Iowa through Saturday morning. A good chunk of that falls from mid morning through afternoon Friday, so we'll see what it looks like in the morning.
  11. Another day of rain has boosted my total this week to 3.82". We have a shot at 5" before the system clears out Saturday. Every bit of this rain is soaking in, too.
  12. Rene will have something to say about the next wave. The Euro has the next wave getting pulled up into Rene's weakness and going out to sea. The GFS has the next wave passing westward, to the south of Rene, on its way to becoming a strong hurricane in the eastern Caribbean.
  13. Today's wave of rain is overperforming across the area. I'm over a half inch now. Well over an inch has fallen in southeast Iowa.
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