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  1. Got down to 51F. Now 55F and cloudy.
  2. I’ve enjoyed being proven wrong on here before. Didn’t think over a foot could fall here for a long-as$ time and then 2-25-19 happened. Just waiting for another elusive white Christmas and/or epic January event.
  3. Because we need more cold wasted in Oct and early Nov...nah. It’s gonna be better than that this time.
  4. Down to 64F. Nice to see the stars and planets out there tonight!!
  5. Up to 71F after a low of 49F. Mostly cloudy and nice clean air. Dry enough for the kiddos to be outside too.
  6. There’s a pretty good spread of all the major inland places in the lower elevations of Oregon, Washington & Vancouver Island on here.
  7. It all flips around one day. I was on a ridiculous snowless streak then 2-25-19 happened.
  8. Hopefully there is a nice influx of newbies now that the regular season has started.
  9. It was wet as hell overnight in Springfield today. I think it’s pretty decent amounts for the whole south valley.
  10. Smoke is gone thru the whole valley that I can see. Dry driving back down to grab the kiddos then back to Springfield.
  11. Oh boy...this won’t cause a stir at all.
  12. Rain slowed down about Wilsonville. Just light here at OHSU now.
  13. I’m bringing the clean air up with me folks!!
  14. Driving up the valley and we are chasing this storm. Been right at the tail end of it. Heading up to OHSU to check on the stimulator. Salem is getting pounded.
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