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  1. Jesse

    Riots 2020

    I sad reacted this.
  2. Hopefully this year we get some solid cold in the fall AND winter just to prove you wrong. And that our very best winters often have plenty of cold to go around.
  3. Yeah. Today felt very refreshing. Looking forward to some good rains later next week to really deliver the death knell to fire season. Will make any ridgy periods we get later in the fall more pleasant.
  4. This might make someone kind of mad. Warm maps to come.
  5. 70/57 here today. Pleasant temps, clean air, and some moderate showers about an hour before sunset to wet everything down. Pretty nice day. Partly cloudy and 60 currently.
  6. Jesse

    Riots 2020

    You have a real way with words.
  7. Should be interesting to see how it plays out. I don’t recall the EPS picking up on the cool and wet weather that is now advertised by all models/ensembles between the 23rd and 27th at all. When that period was in the 10-15 day range it was showing up as an orange blob over us like usual.
  8. EPS looks much flatter with the ridging days 9-10 but it’s definitely still there.
  9. Getting some sunbreaks here now. Pretty nice seeing clear air and blue skies.
  10. Jesse

    Riots 2020

    If anywhere shouldn’t be politicized it’s there. Impartiality is the whole idea right?
  11. 12z EURO seems to think that more 590+ dm ridging is a reasonable way to end the month. I mean we only had 590+ heights for the first ten days after all.
  12. Jesse

    Riots 2020

    She only needed to hold on another 46 days
  13. There was a swath from the SW Portland hills up through west Vancouver/Felida that scored huge in January 2017. Widespread 12-14” totals. We had 8” with that event, but it was still a rapidly accumulating thundersnowy 8”. Fun night regardless.
  14. One complicating thing is there is lot of variability throughout the metro area even. Makes the “due” game a lot harder to play. In East Vancouver we had several inches of snow in February 2019.
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