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  1. In all the uncertainty of 2020, at least we have this.
  2. This is a grossly partisan article. But it raises some valid and deeply concerning points: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/11/what-if-trump-refuses-concede/616424/ The worst case for an orderly count is also considered by some election modelers the likeliest: that Trump will jump ahead on Election Night, based on in-person returns, but his lead will slowly give way to a Biden victory as mail-in votes are tabulated. Josh Mendelsohn, the CEO of the Democratic data-modeling firm Hawkfish, calls this scenario “the red mirage.” The turbulence of that interval, fed by street p
  3. 33%? That's a way higher estimate than I've seen. Most studies I've seen estimate between 2-5%. https://virus.stanford.edu/uda/
  4. You're really stuck on Sweden...but it's still too soon to make any final calls. As of now, they still have way more deaths per capita than their Scandinavian brethren. We'll see what the fall brings. I also don't understand why Sweden stopped reporting their daily totals the same as pretty much every other country. You never see their actual case or death totals that day like you do everywhere else on WoM, they just show up in the chart the next day. Wasn't like that until some time this summer.
  5. Crazy how much more you've gotten than Hoquiam.
  6. SEA had their wettest September day on record with 1.71" on the 28th. I believe a few other places also set records.
  7. Well, a roasty August and a few hot days in September did it. DEN is at 74 90+ days this year, a new record. August was the warmest on record. Thanks to the record cold snap early in the month, September will likely end up just a bit above normal.
  8. The single biggest difference between the two pandemics is probably that we have such better medical care and science now. If covid hit the early 20th century world, we can almost guarantee the losses would have been significantly greater than what we've seen this year.
  9. I searched for this and could not find the quote anywhere. Mind linking to it?
  10. Red herring. There are always going to be a few weird exceptions out there, but the standards applied to covid deaths (identifying the cause) are the same as applied to other medical deaths. Find me an expert in the field who believes covid deaths are being artificially inflated. And your comparisons to the flu/cold are also not supported by actual medical experts and epidemiologists who see this virus first hand. But I'm sure they're all being paid off to support the hoax.
  11. SEA is actually running +4.4 for the month.
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