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Hello everyone.  My name is Dave and I have had an interest in weather and the Earth Sciences for over 40 years.  I was trying to figure out where to place this post and figured this was the best place.  I have started a blog called Dave's Horizon and in there I am posting my Weather images and my astrophotography( A hobby for both clear and cloudy days/nights).  Along with that I am doing reviews of gadgets and equipment that relate to those fields.  These reviews are not ads, but are honest reviews by me on equipment that I have bought or been given to review in all honesty.  No pros doing these reviews.  Just me and the occasional friend who volunteered to help.  So stop by if inclined.  The blog is updated when possible and new things come about quickly sometimes.  The lightning photos are pretty neat.  I will be commenting on some of the things in the forums too as I browse through them.  Thanks for adding me.  Link to the blog is below.



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I would say you posted this in the right place.

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Death To Warm Anomalies!


Winter 2019-20 stats


Total Snowfall = 3.7"

Day with 1" or more snow depth = 3

Total Hail = T

Coldest Low = 20

Lows 32 or below = 60

Highs 32 or below = 0

Lows 20 or below = 1

Highs 40 or below = 10



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