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    Chico California weather history?

    By TheBigOne,

    I am curious into looking the Chico California weather history to see what years were the driest since we are talking about drought here.     I was born in Chico and moved to Paradise California before later moving up to Oregon because of job issues and Mom knew people up here though I had no intention of leaving Northern Cali. My parents say the early 90s Paradise California the drought was so bad we used our bathtub water to water our plants because of severe water restrictions one of the summers around 1990.


    So anydata so I can see how dry the late 80s/early 90s really were? 


    Self Edit.  Weather Underground looks like it has the chico airport but the historical data is very unreliable.  It says 64.7F and scattered clouds right now but the actual almanac looking in the late 80s the data is very weird.  



    “There are no black holes" only apparent horizons - Stephen Hawking

    By Andie,

    So, hear we go. This topic has been chased around more than a hockey puck in a NHL game.


    “There are no black holes" only apparent horizons.This new Hawking paper, which has not yet passed peer review, was based on a Skype talk he gave for a meeting at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, California, in August 2013. Nature explains that Hawking's new work “is an attempt to solve what is known as the black-hole firewall paradox, which has been vexing physicists for almost two years, after it was discovered by theoretical physicist Joseph Polchinski of the Kavli Institute.”




    To hear Hawkings talk



    February 2014 Observations and Discussion

    By Geos,

    Only 7 days left till February. 


    What will the final month of winter bring us all!?


    First 5 day chunk of February, temperature departures. SE ridge starts heating up things!


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