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  1. I know fall is in the air when my blood pressure spikes as my eyes roll past your posts. Looking forward to the annual “That isn’t a sign of fall, that’s heat stress” posts, followed by “No you didn’t get frost, the Euro and traffic cam say otherwise” diatribes.
  2. Ah crap. Sorry, baby stuff got in the way. I scolded my son for his constant neediness.
  3. tbh, I spend way too much time on tidbits running the slider back and fourth this time of year.
  4. Meet Cyrus, a future forum admin and extreme fog chaser.
  5. Looking forward to the heat. Also, if Mr. Marinepushkillsmorethantheunwashedfilthofmeatyologistsbackyard keeps it up with his summer editions of his "the traffic cams show wet and bare pavement", then I'll just have to make him admin of the jackass subforum with Kevin, Josh, and Link.
  6. https://katu.com/news/local/trial-for-patriot-prayer-leader-joey-gibson-begins
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