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  1. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/obscure-snohomish-county-navy-radio-station-named-as-top-russian-target/
  2. You guys can make a new COVID thread. The last one was deleted accidently as part of an archive and clean up.
  3. "Longtimer" grouping is being used for the old forum restore. If anyone has a better picture that would encapsulate the forums between 2003-2013, let me know, if not, it'll probably end up just being another Cliff Mass headshot.
  4. I cleaned up my account to hand it over. A bunch of threads that I started were purged accidentally. Also the antipsychotics are still at too low of a dose.
  5. Fixed, new theme is lightweight and can be customized to greater detail than before. Handing the server side admin to a friend while I am focusing on a startup. An IP audit showed some interesting things, like some users logging in from India or a handful of people having the galaxy brain level of intelligence to post on forums or Discords that were associated with Jan6 Boogaloo bullshit or for one guy, posting on a white supremacist forum and then a human trafficking site, all from the same assumed work computer. So the new guy is going to have to deal with that shit. @Jesse and @Link are unbanned, figured that this is effectively a new crew and new ownership, so it is up to them if they want to uphold that or not. The westernweatherwx.info forums will be up later this summer, probably early August when I am on paternity leave. I'm working with my friend to find a way to merge everything so that people can have their posts as far back as 2005ish added back on as well as a seamless forum search. We're also uploading everything to the wayback machine on the Internet Archive so that if something happens, at least the community history is preserved. Also did some backend cleanup, a bunch of older threads were "corrupt" and had missing images, they had to be pruned, but should be recovered at a later date. I'll also get some email bugs fixed in a couple weeks. Going forward, folks like @hawkstwelve, @Chris, and @Meatyorologist will be able to handle most if not all of the forum side stuff, such as updates, administration, and user fixes. The server for the forum is billed to a business card and is pretty much setup to run itself without any intervention, even doing backups daily. Thanks, Fredrick
  6. Can you take that troll label off please?

    That is an ugly looking thing/female face.

    I dislike it very much.

  7. I think I figured out the problem I’ve been having. It was on my end. Specifically, a turkey upgrade of Firefox. I just upgraded it again manually (a new version just came out) and the site works again. Thanks for all the work you do keeping this site running!

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