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  1. I've seen those before, but in the morning of a warm fall day. They kind of make think of like the top layer of a pond freezing only millimeters thick.
  2. Started putting some iron based fertilizer on the lawn. Looks like I’ve got one more solid period of warmth and humidity before things start looking sketchy in the long range.
  3. test If anyone has any issue with performance of the forum, let me know
  4. I think that one dude from Boston will be pleased about the opening salvo of the next ice age.
  5. Why bother with the minutiae of existence when death is waiting to you envelop you in it's blanket of infinite darkness. Just release your ambitions to rid yourself of disappointment and become human fungi, eeking out life on the decaying matter of society around you with little care given to the direction of others.
  6. https://www.google.com/search?q=windows+screenshot+keyboard+shortcut&oq=windows+screen&aqs=chrome.3.0i433j69i57j0i433j0j0i433j0l5.4707j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  7. What I wouldn't give to finally have a summer that was rain free, mid to upper eighties, low humidity with a pleasant breeze from the east to keep the humidity down. My family likes to have summer time campfires after a long day of boating in cascades, so those wonderful dry nights are the best.
  8. take a screenshot of something you are trying to write, then post and if you get an error, share the screenshot
  9. August 1st will feature the first sub 60º sun angle and under 15 hours of light. August 11th and we have a sunset before 8:30, effectively ending BBQ twilight after 9:30 August 18th brings us under 55º which is a Pennsylvania autumn. August 21st we are under 14 hours of light. August 30th and we are at 50º, an angle where color temps start to take on a touch of yellow at solar noon.
  10. My highly unscientific method of timing central European heatwaves to ours says that we are due for one late July early August.
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