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  1. I need my nice internet and one day Amazon shipping. So it seems easier to get someone to shift the axis of the planet.
  2. I love it. What I wouldn't give to just shift the equator south by 10 degrees.
  3. Stop spamming the thread with these. The first couple times were novel and funny, but that this point you’re acting like a boomer that found something funny on the YouTubes.
  4. Great day outside. Had high clouds with clearing, temps in the low 50s, and that glorious sun angle low enough all day to cast orange on everything.
  5. Generally in line with some of the November and early December seasonals.
  6. Yeah, those seasonal maps are trash. That’s why only local Mets share them and they’re accuracy is usually proportional to the amount of red painted all over. Really though, is this what we’re arguing over? Should I just ban people from posting them? Mod preview for anyone thinking that this winter will be anything other than a 99-00 Nina?
  7. I like cold, dry, sunny days. Those low sun angles make these kinds of days outright beautiful, and its better if they happen when there are still some leaves on the trees.
  8. Fake cold is underrated. Something nice about a week or so of freezing fog and highs hugging freezing. If you're lucky, you can get some nice rime build up and a few great pictures.
  9. > Lives in Brookings > Posts from MtScott Josh's IP addresses in Madras Hmmm. Squinty_eyes.gif
  10. He posted on the Butte County disaster page right after the fire letting his Mom know that he was ok.
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