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  1. "slight cooling breeze" and not "deadly and devastating marine derecho known to locals as a "marine push"" are giveaways that this isn't TIm's nom de plume.
  2. May already feels like it is moving too fast. Maybe the Earth's rotation is speeding up as Nibiru approaches. 67º, overcast, and some breezes out of the north in Everett.
  3. Congrats! I’m sure Mrs.TigerWoodsLibido is a lucky lady.
  4. Feels great outside. I love that dark sky with bright green trees, leaves flickering in the wind. Feels humid and mild. Currently sitting at 59° with 84% humidity and winds out of the south in Everett.
  5. I know it's boring and typical seasonal fare on par with my astonishment with low sun angles, but at least to me its always amazing how drastic that change is inside of a couple of days.
  6. The cottonwoods are nearly fully leafed out after three days after going from green buds to leaves.
  7. FF FiL telling us that that this year will be as bad as last. It felt like we had a good and wet winter but the forest floors apparently didn't recover and the number of people glamping in the woods is too damn high.
  8. We were behind by a couple weeks with buds only starting to green on 4/7. Now we are at our normal pace with buds breaking open and and some of the larger trees like the cottonwoods, featuring poms of brown tinted green.
  9. Got frosty again in Everett. Some of my flowers are already dead but I'm thankful I haven't started the overseed on the lawn.
  10. Frosty morning in Everett, probably our last of the season.
  11. So far everything has been normal up north. The only thing that seemed early were the abundance of frogs that started to make themselves known in March when my neighbors tell me that is an April kind of thing.
  12. I wouldn't mind a few hot and humid days with some thunderstorms.
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