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  1. Frosty morning in Everett, probably our last of the season.
  2. So far everything has been normal up north. The only thing that seemed early were the abundance of frogs that started to make themselves known in March when my neighbors tell me that is an April kind of thing.
  3. I wouldn't mind a few hot and humid days with some thunderstorms.
  4. Looking forward to an active month. Graupel, hail, thunderstorms, cold nights.
  5. I kind of doubt it. Usually there is a lede up to these things and it has just been somewhat silent.
  6. But did you look at the latest short term euro cloud map? Sunny and mild temps with only a flake or two if you live above 1000ft. Also, this kind of weather can be bad for the mental health of millions around here, so please, keep that in mind when you post anything that had to do with weather below 60º and where sun isn't a primary factor.
  7. Easily the most windy day I've experienced at the new house in Everett.
  8. Just waiting for the Cascade area to wake up a bit.
  9. I am using the term 'troll' in comparison to some posts in the last month. It will be nice to have some troll posts. Not in terms of our average Tim-Posts but because it won't be threatening to our irrational snow lovers. It will be nice to have some troll posts in March and April.
  10. Bright and clear morning with white puffy clouds floating about. Looking forward to a cold spring and summer.
  11. Cold beer in hand, distant but vibrant thunderstorms in the distance. The smell of humidity with the evanescence of grasses and trees making themselves known with every deep breath. An occasional flicker from a lightning bug outshone by the intense glow of a citronella torch. The din of insects and amphibians going quiet for those interludes of thunder, often accompanied with a passive attempt of a refreshing breeze, only serving to wash more tame air over you. You spend hours with friends and family in this environment, only knowing that it’s time to retreat to bed when a summer fog starts to
  12. If we don't get any snow this weekend, at least a cold spring and summer are in the cards. I wouldn't mind some nice dark April days and some late spring thunderstorms. Also not having six to eight weeks of 85º and sunny would be great too.
  13. Nice and rainy outside. Great day to do some dev work and drink some tea. We're also at that point of the year where you can hear frogs outside and birds at 2am. Nothing has moved past budding but still expecting that explosion of green that first week of April. I'll savor my spiny tree vistas and winter sun afternoons for a couple weeks more.
  14. On a serious note, maybe a summer doldrum meetup around a beach bonfire in Astoria would be pretty cool. I figure the Brazilian COVID will be making the rounds by then and normal things wont have opened up, but a beach should be plenty nice.
  15. Pittsburgh is practically the Portland of the Pacific Northwest-esque area of the greater Pittsburgh-Youngstown-Akron rusty triangle.
  16. So what you're saying is we need to have a Eugene meetup.
  17. IIRC, April 28th of either 08 or 09 had some amazing overnight snow showers. The radar had oranges and yellows over Bonney Lake and we got a quick 4 inches with a baby fist sized flakes. I'll never forget that night, save for the year it occured.
  18. It'd be cool if someone did a "Snow, cold, and wind events of March" post. I was looking around and there are a few posts about 1951, but they're a bit old and with a narrow focus. I could start taking these reference posts and put them together in a forum wiki for future reference.
  19. Thread should unlock at midnight. Now we kick off the start of meteorological spring which has the potential to be interesting. Maybe we get a day in the 30s with some snow or maybe we eek out a few days in the 70s with some thunderstorms.
  20. I have two complaints. I miss the east coast and Chinese script kiddies keep trying to hack the site.
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