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  1. You need to go sled hillsdale... It's fast lol. I challenge you to make it to the bottom, I failed while filming because I only had one hand to steer VID_20210214_003137_01.mp4
  2. Definitely a thread the needle situation, but it would be a perfect mix of outflow and moisture overhead
  3. Too windy to know how much we have up here lol
  4. First flakes falling up here in Whatcom County. 27 degrees with a DP of 15 after being around 3-4 earlier
  5. Whatcom and Skagit are the only 2 counties on the west side that aren't under a warning at this point
  6. Waiting for a WSW to be issued for Whatcom and Skagit after that WRF run
  7. I just saw the 00z NAM... Not even sure what to say. Being realistic, there's no way it verifies lol
  8. Aight bro, thanks for lettin me know wat was up wit dat
  9. If you ever want to get a drink while you're up here, let me know
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