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  1. I really think you will do well by early Saturday
  2. Almost every model is showing that band over PDX starting at some point overnight and extending through the morning (some past mid day)
  3. The precip shield has lifted further north but the low at this point looks even further south. Whoever gets the band overnight tonight into the first half of tomorrow gets the big totals.
  4. It'll be dramatic but it's definitely pushing further south than the Euro showed. I'm thinking Woodburn (plus or minus 10 miles) will be the dividing line.
  5. Current HRRR will bust, no way the low ends up that far north
  6. WRF looks like it centers the band over Kelso/Longview over night tonight into early tomorrow
  7. PDX is the big winner on UKMET Through 4pm tomorrow Through 10am Sunday
  8. Whoever gets this band to set up shop over them tonight through mid day tomorrow is going to get hammered. The RGEM has it centered over PDX, the GFS has it centered over Centralia.
  9. 12z extended HRRR produced the craziest snow map I’ve ever seen. I’d have 0 and the airport would be at a foot with more coming if this verified (live in Tualatin).
  10. The 0z NAM is severely lacking QPF for the metro area. This is through 4am Friday
  11. That WRF map floating around is the model snow version which calls all frozen precip snow (even when clearly ZR or Sleet). Here's the accurate version which is called "accumulated snow"
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