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  1. One more warm/hot spell would be welcome imo before summer descends into the cold wet abyss..
  2. Lol!! Crazy thing to say! What would the world's food supply look like without a growing season??!
  3. ? There have been many warm/hot spells throughout the years in the PNW. I'd say nearly every summer features at least one hot period. Seems pretty normal to me...
  4. Wow! It's a ways out there, but this is showing 112° for the Ontario area. I wonder what their record for July is..
  5. I hope you guys are joking. You really think Western Oregon/Washington needs more growth?
  6. 6z op and ensembles looking good, summer may finally be on track! Hopefully the upcoming warming trend doesn't get derailed.
  7. What a nasty day. I'm at Lake Wenatchee. It was sunny and quite warm earlier, probably low 80's. Now it has clouded up, cooled down and is quite windy.
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