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  1. Looks like North-Everett, Marysville and Lake Stevens were in a bit of a screw zone tonight from those east winds, hopefully they still end up with decent totals up there.
  2. Three years in a row with a significant snow event! About 5" here in Bothell near Thrashers Corner.
  3. Really hope that band of snow in the central sound tonight the NAM has been showing somehow happens.
  4. Looks like that CZ is starting to look promising for Snohomish County.
  5. Switched to snow as I was coming down the pass, don’t see that too often.
  6. Pretty nuts, I’m up near Stevens Pass right now, still raining up here and it’s snowing in spots in the lowlands now.
  7. 06z suddenly has a lot of heavy wet snow for the Puget Sound on Monday night
  8. Up here my store completely ran out of tp and water for a short time this weekend.. Work has been hell the last four days. So much panic over something most of us won't even need to see a doctor for. It's just sad and unfortunate that an assisted living facility is getting hit the hardest.
  9. I had 9” total in January with some sort of snow falling for a period of 7 of 8 days.. (I was right in the center of the CZ on January 12th) it was a pretty good stretch. Also the impressive rain and a couple of decent windstorms over the last month has made this a pretty solid winter overall. Maybe my standards are just lower.. the last decade minus 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2018-2019 have been pretty lackluster in our area.
  10. This winter gets a B for me. Crazy considering 20-30 miles south it could've been a D or an F.
  11. Had a high of 27 here on January 14th.. Also my coldest high since November 2010!
  12. The sun is gonna be coming up in a few hours per the 06z GFS. Hope it verifies.
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