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  1. I suspect the transition here is gonna take place as soon as the next system comes in. Too bad that one can’t track south of the island
  2. Yeah maybe. The main issue Is that I measured 25 cm both in cook street village and Vic west so literally no way ther could have only been 5-10 in downtown
  3. The times colonist reported some ec meteorologist saying downtown Vic only got 5-10 cm. Was very frustrated hearing that because cook street village and Vic west I know as a fact got in the area of 25 cm
  4. 9.5 inches of snow here. Solid performance by the euro.
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a widespread foot through tomorrow evening in Vic.
  6. Unfortunately the overrunning event on Monday looks way less impressive on the rgem and gfs this afternoon
  7. The difference between the 9 inches on the RGEM and the 16 on the NAM is the NAM tracks the low through central washington eastwards but the RGEM slides it south to oregon and then tracks east. The NAM track is much better, albeit the RGEM is still awesome
  8. Nam dumps 16 inches here. That track is just perfect
  9. Do you know why the weathermodels.com map shows less snow than the weatherbell map here? Which is better quality?
  10. UKMET improvement over last night. Area of 12 inches (10:1 ratio) over Victoria.
  11. RGEM has it south of the 6Z run. Very snowy Seattle north
  12. RGEM continues to look better. Improvement of an inch or two over most areas over the solid 06Z (except far south, still shows huge amounts there though)
  13. Do you know if Sheringham point had a sub freezing high? I think that’s consistently one of the warmest stations in Canada
  14. This would be a nightmarish time to be a pro met
  15. UKMEt looking good for the south island tonight...8.6 inches in the 10:1 ratio so I'm assuming that would be closer to 10 or 11 inches with the appropriate ration.
  16. Yeah just to encourage a friendly atmosphere to Canadians and Americans alike!
  17. Now it's 5-15 cm. They make themselves look like fools everytime they do that lol. And based on only the trends on the RGEM (the euro shed amounts slightly but still in the 6-8 inch range).
  18. Yeah been noticing that too. I hate how much environment canada depends on the rgem/gem...you may have noticed how their forecast kept flip flopping today all based on the RGEM fluctuations lol.
  19. What is your personal prediction about amounts?
  20. Several of the mesoscale are saying that. Looking at the HRRF and similar models it’s not a good sight. I’m hoping for some enhancement but it’s funny that the wind that causes things to fall apart is the same thing that causes the enhancement
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