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  1. Thunderstorms are amazing to watch howard and Baltimore country got hammard but when it went into Anne Arundel it really fell apart just some left over rain thunder and lighting no wind but it was power pack in howard.pa had a big tornado there today as did New Jersey.So the event did varfie just depended where you were which is typical of convective systems. What was not typical was the April may type of setup severe weather event in late July.
  2. Watch out potentially later today could be a pretty impressive thunderstorm event across our reagion will be interesting to see how it forms.
  3. Yeah I was tracking that one on radar looked nasty down there for a time.
  4. Pretty good storm looks to be heading to the Dc locations pretty sorty there is a warning out for it in Montgomery County.looks to be intensifying in the last few minutes.
  5. Dan posted and stated he talk with Roberts wife and they are going to continue Roberts legacy and keep the site running there going to ditch the covid and other news talk and stick with climate sounds like Dan has a great plan worked out Andie
  6. Could be a bad one coming to pattern looks nasty for some hits
  7. Could be a rough go with tropica systems with that pattern as well in september.
  8. You had to read between the lines with Robert of exackly where he was coming from and Andie would agree with me with that.Robert certainly beleaved in climate changes in a nature caused so I would say it was inadvertently and not on purpose.plus alot of the Articles Robert posted were from the fans that gave him the Articles to post.
  9. One of those rare july days where temperatures are in the upper 70s after the swamp of yesterday and the past few days today is a great break.While we have had some decent heat this summer it has not been near as exstream or bad as 2007,2010,2011,or 2012 which were beowed terrible hot misable summers.
  10. Baltimore Hartford and baltimore countys and Anne arundel have really gotten hammard this afternoon thunderstorms stalled out for a couple hours just dumping on the locations today.lighting has been intense as well,not much here at my location but not to far away where hell broke loose.
  11. This he also Andie brought a very respectful civilised discussion with no attacks or name calling nor fights which is hard to find on most climate discussions these days.Robert was easy to talk with and deal with.
  12. We are not perfect weather forecasts are not anexack science misses can and will happen.the fact you privide updates and weather discussion is way more then you can say to other forums around.
  13. Have a good vacation man disregard my post about the lighting yesterday since you our out of town
  14. Phil are you seeing the lighting show tonight from the storms in Virginia I can see them all the way from here pretty good display to the south tonight.
  15. It's just a shame we don't have Robert Felix around anymore to read up on the colder trends that maybe setting up in the years ahead.A real loss.I still hope his site stays online for Roberts memories throught out the years,Sadly voices like Robert is a hard find these days.Have to hope that someone can contune the research study's on the ice age cycles that Robert made possable and see if weather patterns follow his ideas over the next few years.
  16. I think this could be a legit hurricane season for the southeast east coast it been a while since the entire East coast has seen a massive hit it could well happen this year.Seems to smell like one of those years where we could get hit hard by one.
  17. Yeah we had heavy rain thunder lighting missed the worse to the south.
  18. Alot of the fought for that is on the fan base then it was Robert really.many sent him those Articles for him to posts.
  19. Holy crap tornado was confirmed in Dc Thursday ef0 but still mother nature must be pissed at Dc for sending a tornado
  20. Did not see that you posted this last night.I posted it on the off topic section a few hours ago as well.really a sad blow he brought another side to the debate of conversation that was just as important.He will be missed in the community and hope his spirts and research will continue to live on.may he rest in peace.
  21. It the only thing in life that is a garentee in truth.
  22. You know the swamp will be back in full force before we know it.best to enjoy this weather cause we know summer torture is right around the corner.
  23. Big storms went through Baltimore looked like supercells they now congealed into a line but lots of hail reports in the Baltimore locations.no hail here but heavey rain thunder and lighting.
  24. Good storm just went by here heavey rains and some close lighting loud thunder.
  25. Some heavey rainers out there today.not really a great set up for severe but the classic slow moving rainers.
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