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  1. Not to draw attention away from luara but the pattern in September looks very troublesome for the East coast for land falling systems.if there a year phil the East coasts get slammed by a major it would be this year.
  2. Saterday could be interesting if the models are right with the remains of Laura passing over head.alot of hype by the nws spc and Justin berk tonignt but so far unless something happens they all maybe eating there words in a big bust .the fact remains that most of our high end events are from systems that don't get a lot of attention.they tend to sneak up on us and the nws spc having to catch up.something has to be looked at with the repeated errors on the models convected setups as of late I have noticed a few times this summer where models blew chunks with the setup.
  3. That was some serious lighting/ thunder yesterday along with that heavey rains.
  4. the problem with these type of set ups slow moving thunderstorms with little to no steeling flow it really hard to pin point where the storms will fire track.but if cought under one you could get a crap load of rain in a sort order.take right now for instance we have storms moving west north south and east
  5. he been talking some about it in his weekly news letters he post but you have to sign up to join it .https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!forum/weatheramerica
  6. you don't want to know larry cosgroves thoughts as he sees another rotten winter he been hot on the global warming trend as of late.
  7. I saw one of those European Hornets on top of the car yesterday those things are big as heck no way would I want to be stung by one of those things
  8. With this slow movement some one going to get a crap load of rain.
  9. Well that was certainly something we have not had in a while here is morning heavy thunderstorms sort of old school in a way.
  10. what ironic is we are only in early August and all ready reach the I name and the peak isnt until late month and September I don't think we have really seen the real brunt of this season yet september may prove to be trouble
  11. Interesting video about iceages https://www.iceagenow.info/geography-of-the-ice-age-fantastic-video-2/
  12. If there any year the east coast and or southeast coast get hammered by an monster hurricane late August or September it would be this year.and the pattern screams for a monster hit or two this season.
  13. Tommore would have been a good event setup but the tropica system is what messing things up as is typical with tropica systems you tend to get mixing surppressing out ahead of the system. Monday and tuesday could be interesting depending what the system does and track.but still kind of sucks that it may have robbed an rare mid summer severe weather outbreak potentialy tommore.I know Anthony was hyping Tommore for the past few days but did warn that the tropica system could get in the way.
  14. Heavey thunderstorms going through from south to north a good lighting display with these as well.
  15. that pattern could be a problem on the eastern seaboard as we get into the meat of the hurricane season with the maine trough in the mid west ohio vally could spell some east coast hurricane threats.
  16. the big question will be how weak will cycle 25 ultimately be should be interesting.
  17. I'm not sure why so many forecasts went for storms today when we had down sloping west winds that kind of gos against what we know about convection events.
  18. Another round of storms this evening going through quite an active three day period.it is absolutely pouring here now.mother nature is sending her tears of the Sad year that is 2020.
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