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  1. We are building a home. We are renting until our home is completed. We have been looking for land and after a year of looking we just found a piece property a few weeks ago. We should be closing soon. Below is the 3.2 acre property we are purchasing, that will be the view from the back porch of the house. This was taken a about two weeks ago, no snow at that time. The location is about 50min north of Spokane, towards Colville WA.
  2. Was a beautiful morning here in Spokane Valley. This is the view from our apartment.
  3. Just dumping snow here in Spokane. Really enjoying this!... 25 and snowing moderate to heavy powder snow.
  4. Finally getting some light snow flurries in Spokane Valley. Our turn. Currently 24 degrees.
  5. Yah! Even Spokane gets in on the action this time. Been snowless but cold during this event so far. I was not expecting snow until Monday.
  6. Do you live close to Bonney Lake? That is a notorious snow screw zone when there is east wind. Lived there for 14 years and saw it many many times. It was very painful!
  7. Enjoying seeing everyone getting snow over there. Makes wish I could be back to share in it with you. Spokane is dry and cold. We look to not get any snow until Monday. It will be fun seeing many of you get many inches of beautiful white.
  8. I actually coined the phrase in jest a number of years ago due to the fact that getting snow there was brutal to non-existent why we watched everyone else get hammered with snow... It was like it was a warm wet bog (swamp) that denied us snow - an impenetrable wet bog of snowless wet and mud. It became a running joke that has stuck when referring to the area. Note, I no longer live close to there as my wife and I moved to Spokane Valley in August... A place of truly four seasons.
  9. We have a couple nurse friends who said they got incredibly sick after the second dose. Made them really scared what it was doing to them. One is still experiencing adverse symptoms days later.
  10. 16 degrees windy and clear here is Spokane. Windchill of 1 degree.
  11. Beautiful sunny day here is Spokane sitting at a chilly 23 degrees. So awesome to see people getting snow over on the west side. I am pumped for all of you!!!
  12. The memories... I hope the swamp freezes over!! Wish I still lived there to experience it! I am pumped for my swamp peeps.
  13. C’mon you know our weather is dull 78.3% of the time. Do better on the stats and pay attention... sheesh!
  14. I am I Spokane now and I am rooting for everyone in the west, there are no sides! I hope everyone wins!!
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