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  1. You are racist and probably a terrorist to for saying that.
  2. We really need precipitation. Looks to be cold and dry here in Spokane for the next 10 days. YAWN!!
  3. Still lightly snowing here in Spokane with about 1 to may 1.5 inches. Might be the last gasp of winter, but loving it!!
  4. "Global Temperature" Here is the ENTIRE satellite record for global temperature. As of January 2022, the current temperature is 0.03 degrees C higher than the average global temperature from 1991 to 2020. Follow the data. (Graph and data from DrRoySpencer.com)
  5. Some serious vodka cold wanting to slide into Eastern Wa! BRING IT!!!
  6. This is great but I assume this will get pushed back about two weeks like every other time we see this in the long range.
  7. Snowing in Spokane!! Not sticking, but I am still loving it!
  8. Uhg! Dealing with the dreaded freezing rain/drizzle here in North Spokane … I will take a big fat “pass” 29.7 currently.
  9. Ended up with an additional 7 to 8 inches of new snow here in North Spokane, I have about 12 to 14 inches on the ground. It has been fun! Warm up and rain comes tonight so going to be quite the mess.
  10. I was very surprised to see the temp go from 22 to 37 degrees here in Spokane with moderate rain. Currently raining and pushing towards 38 here. All models showed snow here but looks to just rain for a while.
  11. Very common occurance for that area. That is one thing I do not miss at all. Thus the swamp is in true form. I am basking in 21 degrees over here is Spokane. YES!!!
  12. What happened to Jesse? Sorry I was not active on here for about a year and half.
  13. Great to meet you, and thanks for the info. I was not asking to meet you, I have been on this forum since 2014 and have not met anyone here nor asked. I am up in North Spokane currently but own property up in Chewelah and hope to build up there in the next year or two. Unless the world goes to hell in a hand basket under our current leaders. We shall see! Again nice to meet you and look forward to reading your posts on here.
  14. Nice to see another person on here from Spokane. Moved here about a year and half ago from Bonney Lake WA. The long time local told me last winter was very mild and mellow here compared to usual. It appears this year is starting off similarly? Thanks, as I am still learning the weather here, as I had my old location down, but starting over here. Praying for a white Christmas!
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