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  1. Hey gang I am signing in from Spokane Valley WA. My long shared dream of getting over to the East side of the state happened in August. We are living in an apartment in Spokane Valley until we can find property in Idaho and have our house built. We are looking in the Hayden to Sandpoint area for some land to build on. I am pumped to spend my first winter over here. I will report in from time to time. SUPER EXCITED!!!!!
  2. Finally, it is official! We will be moving to Post Falls, ID in June into an apartment, then we should have our custom home completed late next spring in the Sandpoint area (shown below) - Sandpoint will be our final home. So excited to get into a climate with truly 4 beautiful and distinct seasons! I am soooo excited!!!! If everything works out like we have planned, we will have our house built close to the golf community shown in this video:
  3. FAKE NEWS!!! please stay on topic. How long has it been raining at everyone’s house?!
  4. It snowed on my mother here, then melted instantly. It must be a sign!?
  5. Yes, what you want to see is model consistency for a longer period of time. It is crucial to a more likely outcome we want.
  6. Every one feels different when you are in the moment... we shall see. Fun to watch.
  7. Just like the last event... bummer! I am sure it means nothing though ... I hope!
  8. Remember back in January when models showed this 9 days out?
  9. Careful! That kind of talking will get you marked as a big “Debbie D”... then you will get banned twice for being to negative, Even bringing that up is just silly talk, you should know that a major arctic outbreak is guaranteed to happen! So, just shut your mouth, no one wants to hear it!
  10. Do you think I will get banned for posting while on the toilet? Because that would be shitty...
  11. @ day 10... again. What does all this mean??? I would tell you, but dare I?... No, because I would be called "Debbie D". I will watch and see and get excited when it shows that same thing less than 2 days out. THEN I will crush Debbie with my bare hands and embrace a Snowiz viewpoint.
  12. dang you are doing well. I barely got a trace here this morning. Nothing since about 8am.
  13. Uhm... People promoting about how excited they were about those super convective cells coming inland having an impact on our area is what I was talking about. As those will have zero to little impact on our area. It had a point, I obviously was not clear. I apologize if it came off to rant like.
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