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  1. Whoa from the reactions on here I thought the GFS would be WAYYY worse than it actually is haha. Still not a bad run even if it gets messy in the LR.
  2. I wonder if my 1000” elevation will help this time around? Hopefully?
  3. Good run but I’m hoping for ensemble improvement. Like those cold easterlies :)
  4. Honestly I would just love an inch or two of snow haha, and some cold easterlies. Hopefully my 1000' elevation helps me a bit.
  5. Definitely might be on account of the fact that it’s easy to get a wind fix without having to deal with any power issues. My neck of the woods is super exposed to the easterlies.
  6. Strangely my ideal weather would actually be cold strong east winds for days on end— something like November 2014.
  7. Yeah, for sure. Gusts peaked at this elevation around 45-55 mph and the amount of transformers I saw exploding this morning was ridiculous.
  8. Power just came back on-- what a weird windstorm. Just some howling west winds for an hour or so that were strong enough to down a bunch of trees in this area. Overall a pretty interesting event, south winds were underwhelming but that surge of westerlies made up for it.
  9. There was a lull but gusts are starting to pick back up...
  10. Idk judging by the winds and the amount of transformers blowing these gusts seem stronger than 37 mph...
  11. Idk how the lower elevations are doing but the wind is screaming and there are flashes every few seconds. Much more intense than earlier.
  12. Sounds like a jet engine out there. Flashes everywhere, I wrote this baby off too soon.
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