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  1. This isn't entirely accurate--though the chances are now higher that areas south of Tampa are primarily impacted-- there still does exist the possibility for a strike closer to Tampa so they really can't breathe that sigh of relief yet.
  2. That was easily the loudest thunder I've ever heard. Thought something exploded, it shook the whole house
  3. Bolt Creek Fire looks nasty. Terrain-driven winds looking to continue until evening, and it's already burning hot and fast to the west in those steep drainages.
  4. The fire is luckily still a ways away from the town but with the fire behavior right now and the continued winds there's a reason they pulled that level 3. Fire is raging on two separate fronts right now.
  5. Mesoscale modes definitely overdo the surface winds in situations like this but it's worth mentioning that the HRRR and the NAM have a pretty significant push of stronger winds in the early morning hours for the Clark County foothills. The EURO agrees with this to an extent, with the most powerful gusts in the region over areas like Larch and Silver Star. Wonder if some of the stronger solutions have anything to do with the development of a mountain wave?
  6. When would you estimate the period of strongest downslope to be? Later tonight into early Saturday?
  7. Thank you! Glad to know they've at least got a handle on it though no doubt our fire crews have their work cut out for them the next few days.
  8. So is that small plume of smoke just SE of Mt. St. Helens a fire or just dust blowing off of the mountainside? I'd hope not the former because that area's gonna get hammered into tonight.
  9. Cedar Creek Fire has quite the heat signature for so late at night-- doesn't exactly bode well once those winds do hit it.
  10. Reminding me of that period in early September 2017 when the Eagle Creek Fire made the run through the Gorge. Maybe a fair bit stronger than that event actually
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