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  1. Pretty much that entire area is getting blasted frankly.
  2. Could this thing hold together all the way down south to the N. Oregon coast?
  3. This front looks quite potent-- wonder if we could get a few gusts over 40 here in the Portland area.
  4. What... does this have to do with anything? Anyhow Wind Waker most definitely originated said Koroks, and not to an extent lol they were an instrumental part of the story.
  5. Oh it’s snowing here, not sticking ofc but it’s pretty Pretty much over the ice and snow until next year haha
  6. This forum has some nice folks on it. There's a real sense of camaraderie here, definitely a testament to the various personalities.
  7. I haven’t yet been around the south Portland metro and down to Salem. Oregon folks— how’s the damage from the ice storm? I’ve heard it’s pretty dang bad down there— even up in my neighborhood there are many trees down.
  8. We lost power yesterday and judging by the tree damage in area don’t expect to have it back before Wednesday. Trees and branches snapped everywhere. Overall this was easily the most impressive winter storm since January 2017. No doubt the most impactful in years.
  9. Yeah Mark just tweeted this out. Mark Nelsen on Twitter: "Whew, finally up to 32 degrees in Portland; first time since Thursday evening at PDX. Ice storm tonight central/east metro, plus West Hills. Cold air has retreated closer to Gorge. Too "warm" west/south metro & Clark County. Blue areas are the trouble spots tonight https://t.co/cPiLPHUfoT" / Twitter
  10. Definitely curious as to the icing event the local Mets and NWS are predicting into Monday— hopefully temps moderate before QPF increases later on.
  11. Your thoughts on ZR? We’re not thawing out much over here and on the east side— any precip on the way?
  12. Temperature isn't budging from the 20s and precip is moving in, it seems.
  13. Nothing on radar but freezing drizzle is coming down over here. Hopefully not a lot of moisture falling tonight because it doesn’t seem like we’ll warm up much. Still upper 20s.
  14. Storm has left a real mess over here— definitely the worst since January 2017.
  15. I don’t buy the amount of ZR NWS Portland is predicting— would be nasty if it came to fruition.
  16. This weird freezing mist/drizzle here, trees are coated with a thick layer of ice and it’s only getting worse. Strong east winds too, stronger than most of yesterday.
  17. Not sure why NWS Portland has issued an ice storm warning but that’s strange ig
  18. So it’s raining here but below freezing, bad combo
  19. Overall a very impressive storm for the whole region north of Eugene. Major ice storm for the valley and south Portland metro. Snowstorm from Portland to Bellingham with widespread totals of 6-12 inches. At my location we have about 4 inches or so in spots and a ton of ice and sleet, but it’s hard to tell because of how windy it was.
  20. I’m ready to sing PGE’s graces because power is back on way ahead of schedule. Anyhow this storm left behind a royal mess, that’s for sure. Lots of problems across NW Oregon. SW Portland was lucky enough to get enough snow to make it pretty but avoiding most of the heavy ice. Unfortunately not the case most other places.
  21. Power just went off here. Looking like a widespread and dangerous event.
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