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  1. Really hard to measure, but I would bet somewhere 2-4 inches. Dry air really starting to win the fight.
  2. Super small flakes here and not quite white out. Still enjoyable lol.
  3. Very nice. Defiantly better than here, but I can't complain either.
  4. Came out on my break and it's snowing at a good clip about 3 hours ahead of schedule. (Small flakes)
  5. Got a couple of flakes mixing in. I still don't understand OAX. All the stuff is there for a blizzard warning but nope just going to give you all the other watches and warnings.
  6. Sorry for the downer the other day, and thank you for the kind words. Back to weather. I know we are seeing some warm weather but there are some storms showing up. Jim Flowers posted last night saying he is seeing three but ideally would probably get 2 of the 3.
  7. Just started the change over here. Bitter sweet as we sit and wait to put our pup down.
  8. Jim Flowers is back to posting regularly. He is riding the Canadian model. He was 1-3. I would say a light snow all day 2-4, but there is two factors we have to watch. Dry air on the east side and temps right around freezing.
  9. Starting the wrap up here but I'm actually impressed. May have made it past 8 inches.
  10. Some sleet/gropel mixing in but man it's just ripping again here.
  11. Very heavy band pushing through Lincoln into the metro but the development to the southwest edge is slowing.
  12. It's back to snowing hard here again. Watching that back edge still but it looks a bit better. A nice big band just outside of lincoln now.
  13. More looking southwest of here at future development.
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