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  1. My sister said they picked up 2ft in Denver.
  2. The radar returns for denver don't really look like record breaking stuff.
  3. My sister lives in denver and my wife has alot of family in Ft. Collins. Sounds like they are going to get a thumping.
  4. Sigh this is going to wreck travel for us. Traveling through central ks up into nebraska is going to be interesting.
  5. I been running around and didn't even realize that this storm is slamming us the same weekend I'm traveling down to hutch. Looking like we will have to modify the trip.
  6. As stated he took it down. He takes it down at end of every winter season. Likes to focus on winter storms and then fish the rest of the season
  7. Oh definitely was. But when in doubt know banding will always money wrench the forecast. This wasn't a typical storm but the low track with the available moisture I had a feeling that someone was going to get plastered. I honestly didn't think it was going to be us but I'll take it. This storm is actually pushing us to our all time snowiest winter. There is one on the 28th to watch too.
  8. No 1-3 was the forecast. Looking at the nam yesterday I said hmm something is off. I figured when the nam does that it's either a bust or we are in for a surprise.
  9. 7 inches here in Papillon. Still got a few hours to go but it will be wrapping up soon.
  10. This is actually one of the coolest snowfalls we have had this year. It goes from super heavy rates to a break were it appears the snow is floating.
  11. Yesterday's NAM had this one right. Well past 2 inches already.
  12. It is snowing unbelievably hard right now. Big 'ol fatties too.
  13. So if that actually pans out would that not be a record amount of snow for Kansas and Oklahoma. Those are insane numbers. Also -35 wind chill Saturday into Sunday. Going to be painfully cold.
  14. Sigh my wife is traveling this weekend to see her sister in St. Louis. Hopefully the roads will be clear on Monday.
  15. There is development to the north but that back edge is a bit close to me. Hmmm lots of snow still.
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