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  1. There was also a smaller fire to the north of the park by a mile or so that burned across the river, also in 2020.
  2. My parents have had to evacuate again, they live just above the park. Sounds like a relatively small evac area for now, hopefully it can be contained.
  3. The core of this front is very strong, look what it did in Newport! Around the same time it was gusting 77 in Lincoln City.
  4. Tillamook reporting snow at 10:10 has to be a mistake, right?
  5. It looks like those are test burns, thankfully. Can't imagine they'd approve of field burns given current conditions, but there you go.
  6. Looks like a fire has popped up along Highway 6 east of Tillamook, already has a pretty strong signal on infared :c
  7. I see we have have 39g78 at the aptly named Cape Foulweather, and 57 in Astoria. Not much over 30 inland yet.
  8. 4:25am report from PDX has 39, been a while since we've had 30's there in September. I see that Vancouver is down to 37 as well.
  9. Some pretty good lightning in Oregon City right now, had a few power flickers.
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