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  1. Yeah, kind of an elongated area of lower pressure stretching south from the primary low. Hopefully it can help turn midlevel winds a little more easterly for the north valley. I'm up to ~1.25" ice and the power keeps flickering :c
  2. There are some steeper pressure drops along the coast between Coos Bay and Newport, but still higher absolute pressure than the north coast by a touch. Sure looks like one on satellite though.
  3. You can see the apparent circulation on Langley radar west of Seaside, pressure is lowest in Cannon Beach and Manzanita, looks like.
  4. I see we have have 39g78 at the aptly named Cape Foulweather, and 57 in Astoria. Not much over 30 inland yet.
  5. Oregon City is an absolute madhouse right now, heaviest rain I've ever seen. House is shaking with thunder.
  6. 4:25am report from PDX has 39, been a while since we've had 30's there in September. I see that Vancouver is down to 37 as well.
  7. Some pretty good lightning in Oregon City right now, had a few power flickers.
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