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  1. Had a dusting of snow here last night. Covered up the decks and lawn pretty good, pavement was too warm for it to stick though. All of it has already melted. Wishing that the snow in our yard would just melt already! This would be the perfect time to get out there and start cleaning it up. Oh well, we'll get there eventually Hope everyone is well and not going too stir crazy yet!
  2. I'm actually hoping we don't get a big winter storm here in March. I'm enjoying an almost bare ground. Still have a bit of snow in my yard, but we're getting there. Also, before winter arrived a lot of places in Minnesota were already at flood stage. As things melt, especially up north, it's only going to add to the waterlogged land, reservoirs, rivers, lakes, etc. The swamps surrounding our places are at the highest levels we have ever seen them, and they aren't even close to being done with melting. I love snow, I love rain, I love moisture. It's good for a lot of things. But just like ev
  3. Sorry I'm a few days late on this response! We went up north to take advantage of the awesome snowmobile trails this winter has given us, and getting the last of tip-up/spearfishing in for the season, while starting to look for sheds. Can't believe it's that time of year already where fishing seasons are beginning to shut down until Spring! But goodness, what an awesome weekend to be outside enjoying the weather. Things were starting to melt fast, and while the snowmobile trails weren't too bad, the ditches going through towns were getting horrible. You are correct though, it has been a nice
  4. Woke up to -17 at the house this morning. It really isn't all that bad since there is no wind. However, I would be singing a different tune if I was to be out there longer than 5 min. Even though this winter hasn't been bad or extreme at all, I am so ready for this weekend and feeling the bright sunshine with 40 degree temps! It'll be a nice preview to Spring!
  5. Received only an 1.5" from this storm. It's pretty well done in our neck of the woods. Just little flurries that won't be accumulating to much now. We were on the edge of this storm, so I'm thankful we at least received something to cover up the old, nasty looking snow!
  6. Uh, I feel ya with the gutter thing. Salt isn't putting a dent in our roofs either. You would think at least on the pole barn with the warmer weather it would slide right off. But with the lack of sun to really get things going and with the amount of ice that has accumulated from snows/rains/thaws and refreezes, the husband had to get up on the roof yesterday to steam the ice off before it caused damage. Did you hear on the news this morning that this has been the cloudiest January on record so far? https://www.mprnews.org/story/2020/01/28/stratus-quo-cloudiest-january-on-record-in-the-twin
  7. Nope, we'll be down towards Hastings tomorrow. It will be a smaller ice fishing contest. We have a buddy heading up to the Brainerd Jaycees right now! It will definitely be a better year for those attending this year compared to last. We were supposed to go last year but something came up. And I'm glad we didn't because it would have been just ruthless out there not having a shack or anything to get out of that wind, especially on a lake. It's a whole different world out on a lake when it comes to winds and temperatures!
  8. Good morning and Happy Friday everyone! It's been a bit since I last posted. Been busy but I've been trying to keep up with at least visiting. I gotta say, typically I'm all for harsh winters with tons of snow and cold. But in all honesty, I am REALLY enjoying this winter. Not too cold. Just the right amount of snowfalls to refreshen the look of the snow after a few days (for a bit there we hardly received any snow and with three dogs, we needed it ) Tomorrow we're going to be in an ice fishing tournament, it'll be 34 degrees, no wind. Couldn't ask for a better day out on the lake! Hoping Feb
  9. It's weird to think that last year at this exact same time we barely had anything on the ground. Everything was frozen, that's all! Hoping that's the case that Spring comes at a decent time this year! I will take late March/early April to start seeing the ground again But until then, I will enjoy this winter.
  10. Beltrami, my cabin is in Cromwell which is 20 min. from Moose Lake. I haven't been up there since we had that first big snowfall a few weeks ago, but my husband had to bring our bobcat up there to plow things out Unfortunately all the snow has made it tough to wander in the woods (even with snowshoes on) and will make it tough to go onto the lakes to ice fish. Even snowmobiling was rough up there as of last week due to swamps being open still. Hopefully things have froze up a bit. It is what it is. Going to be swinging on through there next week on my up to Duluth just to check things out wi
  11. So I was watching the news today and our chief meterologist Ian Leonard mentioned that Minnesota typically receives 54" of snow in a normal winter. Currently the Twin Cities have picked up 20.1" of snow since late October, and Duluth is sitting at 47.8" within the same time frame...and it's only mid-December!! That's crazy! Heading up to Duluth next week and I am excited to see the amount of snow that's up there. Hoping this winter continues like this!
  12. Woke up to -14 this morning. Wow! I forgot what it's like to have your nose hairs and eyelashes freeze instantly I can't believe it's only December and we are already experiencing this type of cold. I'm wondering what January will be bringing! Also, it's been a while since we've had this good amount of snow in December. After the last snowfall a couple days ago, it brought our snow pile higher than our backhoe! Typically we don't have our snow pile like that until the end of February. Loving winter so far! More snow on the way tonight!
  13. Ended up with 6" around here. We were debating about going to the cabin since it was part of the Blizzard Warning, but decided to stay home instead. It would have been fun to experience, but at the same time who knows how long we would be up there due to the roads. Hopefully trails will get groomed in the next week for some snowmobiling up there! Pretty excited to take the sleds out at a decent time this year.
  14. If I could click a "love" button for this post right now, I totally would!
  15. I'll be honest, I'm wishing we had snow right now. Feeling a little envious of all those who are getting the snow I guess it gives me a little more time to get some things done around the yard still. The time will eventually come!
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