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  1. Pretty weird that 84/60 is now normal for late July and early August at PDX. Should be a lot easier to rack up cold anomalies though!!!!!
  2. Yeah. For all of Jim's manic posting about how incredible and old school this spring has been, the best analog so far has been 2020. Though last spring was a bit colder and wetter than this one has been to this point.
  3. Still haven't seen a flake in West Linn, been a rain/sleet mix so far
  4. Thanks. And yeah, I would imagine there are a lot more examples before the airport era when we got cold past early February with much more regularity.
  5. Yeah, but of course climo changes rapidly in February. Huge difference between the first few days of the month and even a week or two later.
  6. It would be the 2nd latest sub 30 high on record for PDX, behind the 29 on 3/3/1960. Back to back subfreezing highs by this point in the season has also only happened once, in 1956. Also seems pretty rare to have a major ice storm by this point in the season, does anybody know of any examples of late season ice storms in the Portland area? Maybe BLI snowman?
  7. The 99 at OLM is a new late season heat record. Pretty warm for a cold August.
  8. Devil is in the details but at face value that doesn't even look like a cooler than average pattern, at least down in the Willamette Valley.
  9. Back then people didn’t drive cars because they hadn’t been invented yet.
  10. 97 with east winds at PDX. Goes to Jesse's point of this being a bit of a late summer/early fall type of heat setup, usually the downslope winds at this time of year don't quite reach the surface at the airport.
  11. My gut feeling is that September is going to torch. Really haven't had a hot one since 2014, we're Dew(ey).
  12. If the 66 at PDX holds it will be the coldest July high temp in a decade. Regime change????
  13. Today's really overachieving, though maybe the high clouds coming in will cap things a bit. Feels pretty nasty out there.
  14. This is now the 5th wettest June on record at PDX at 3.49", moving ahead of 1981 (a hottttt summer). Could move into 4th ahead of 1954 (a very coldddddd summer) if we get another tenth of an inch with the trough this weekend. Totals to the north and south on the I5 corridor aren't particularly noteworthy. Seattle could even end the month with below average precip.
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