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  1. This isn't the case at all. The reason you have this impression is because the local station you like to use was seriously overexposed earlier in the 20th century. Summers in the second half of the 20th century were generally both warmer and sunnier than in the first half, and precip has shown essentially no trend going back to the late 1800s with the possible exception of the last decade or so (though that could easily just be a random blip like we saw in the mid 1920s through the early 30s). There's also fact that September trended much more summerlike over the course of the 20th century. Here are the average summer temps and precip for the Puget Sound and Willamette Valley
  2. 1977 might be the ultimate example of this. The first 17 days of the month was perhaps the hottest 17 day stretch on record, then we crashed into fall and never looked back. The last 10 days of the month had 3.59" of rain at SEA, 4.17" at OLM, and 3.26" at PDX. Even a pale imitation of that would be a godsend for our ecosystem.
  3. The ****? How that post led you to engage in personal insults is beyond me. Apparently even the slightest suggestion that there was colder weather at some point in the past is enough to get you to completely melt down. Get some help.
  4. At this time in 2015 we were at the start of a troughy period much more "impressive" than anything we're going to see this month. From the 21st through 27th PDX averaged 75.6/58 with .54" of rain, good for -4.7 for the 7 day period including a sub 70 high on the 25th. #ColdJulyMemories
  5. A November firehose would be nice. The Puget Sound has had some fairly wet ones in recent years but it's been a long time since we've had one down here, and they often portend good things later on.
  6. I don't get why Phil says it's been humid in D.C. July 3rd only topped out at a 61 degree dewpoint. I mean seriously? It gets worse than that in Finland. Also the 12z EPS shows humidity departures reduced by 40% compared to the 00z run.
  7. The torch summers of 2015 and 2018 ended with semi decent Septembers, below normal for most of Oregon and Washington. PDX managed a 60/49 day on 9/6/15.
  8. Ah, yes. You, the guy with 26,000 posts about a region he doesn't even live in, doesn't take it seriously at all. Very good point. Even stranger is that people who live here care about stuff.
  9. This is another example of why people get so annoyed with you, by completely misrepresenting other people. Andrew posts random observations from around the region more than pretty much anybody on the board.
  10. 1. So because you always cherry pick one station when it's convenient (you've been quite a bit more focused on SEA in recent days) it doesn't count as cherry picking this time? 2. Yeah, and many stations in the region are far ahead of the pace of torch summers like 2009, 2018, and even 2015 using those thresholds. 3. Yes, it was another example of cherry picking at its finest. Is it your goal to come off as the most disingenuous, goalpost shifting weasel humanly possible or something? I also love your tactic of smug, condescending "guess you missed this one contrarian, cherry picking post I made earlier". It's really endearing.
  11. When you can't figure out a way to downplay it, just move on to pretending it doesn't count. Then cherry pick the coldest station in the region, come up with arbitrary thresholds for days above a certain temperature (that's still on pace to match the hottest summers on record), and make absolutely ******* sure to never mention anything happening south of Olympia.
  12. Just to add on to this - It's been a full decade at this point since we've had an actual cool summer, and even that was nothing special by pre 21st century standards (especially if you include the blowtorch September). Even an average summer by 20th century standards would feel pretty remarkable at this point. Another stat that's amazing to me is that of the last 17 (soon to be 18) July/Augusts at PDX, only July 2016 had an average high below 80. The 1971-2000 average highs were 79.3 for July and 79.7 for August.
  13. Flatiron says that's pretty much normal, especially if you pretend the greatest heatwave on record doesn't count.
  14. Yeah there's been more of a north/south gradient than usual this summer (2013!). June 2021 was the warmest on record at PDX, SLE, and EUG but fell a bit short for the Puget Sound region. Even here in Portland we've been doing better compared to average than farther south in the Valley for July so far. 16 days of 90+ already in Salem and 14 in Eugene sure seems torchy...
  15. Are there archived satellite loops anywhere? I feel like I remember somebody posting a link to one a few years back.
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