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  1. Yep, first time in 9 years. Incredible that they could go nearly a decade without seeing one during what has historically been the coldest month of the year. Also interesting that they finally broke the streak without even a hint of arctic air.
  2. 29 with ZR here. Will probably see decent ice accumulations by the time this is over.
  3. Nice. December 2008 was during my senior year, and my district was so wimpy that they closed the schools for that entire week before the main event even happened.
  4. Same here, I was actually feeling pessimistic about this going to bed last night. I definitely didn't expect to see precip this early, and I thought it was going to quickly switch to sleet/ZR. Reminds me of January 2004 with regards to the timing of the event, coming right as schools and businesses open up again after the holidays. I went back to school for one day that Monday in 2004, then the next 4 days all got canceled.
  5. Seems likely that they'll stay at or below freezing. Could pull off an impressive looking 32/28 day. Certainly an unexpected event for the general population; I doubt many had any idea this was a possibility before going to bed last night.
  6. Definitely. '13-'14 was probably the best winter they've had since '92-'93, not many winters have two seperate, major arctic blasts both accompanied by big snowstorms (and obviously December 2013 in particular had some incredible numbers).
  7. I've seen this narrative from a few people that Portland has been doing better than Seattle in recent years, but aside from Feb 2014, it just isn't true. PDX got just dusting in December 2013, and recorded nothing at all in winters '14-'15 and '12-'13. The snow last weekend here only accumulated in the hills, most places had flakes in the air but no accumulation. Seattle did a lot better than Portland in November 2010, February 2011, and January 2012 also.
  8. The Portland area mostly missed out in December 2013, we only got a dusting here - it was the southern Valley that really scored with that event. PDX did really well in Feb 2014, of course (I actually happened to be out of town for the entirety of that event which was really a bummer - because of that, I haven't seen a 1"+ snowfall at my house since March 2012) but aside from that, we haven't had it any better than the Puget Sound region this decade. You guys up there did a lot better in Jan 2012, Feb 2011, and Nov 2010 than the Willamette Valley; Portland has officially measured only 15.2" of snow in the 6 winters since '08-'09, which averages to 2.5" per year.
  9. Everybody keeps saying "well, it's better than last year", but that's not true from a cold air perspective. We had three shots of cold air last year (one in mid Nov, one late Nov/early Dec, one in late Dec), all three of which were probably more impressive than the late November cold snap we just had. This winter has certainly been active and interesting so far (I'm hoping PDX blows away its monthly rainfall record) and has been better for the mountains, but if you judge a winter by cold/snow for the lowlands like many do, this year is lagging behind last.
  10. Is there any hard data for winter 1861-62? I've looked before but didn't find anything.
  11. That's the case with Portland too, PDX is noticeably drier than most places in the Metro area. Mark Nelsen had a post on this a couple months ago: https://fox12weather.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/a-neat-old-metro-rainfall-map/
  12. http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-blogs/anderson/weekly-clues-into-early-november/52861222 Maybe things turn more seasonable towards the end of the month? A late October El Nino cold snap like 1972, 1991, or 2002 wouldn't be too surprising. Looks like OLM only got down to 62 last night, 61 at EUG. Impressive numbers.
  13. Already up to 80 at my house about 10 miles south of PDX. A bit unusual because my location is almost always a few degrees cooler than the airport.
  14. September has warmed up quite a bit during our period of record. During the first 30 years of observation in Portland (1875-1904), the average September high was 71.2 degrees, which seems ridiculously cool compared to the stuff we've been seeing in recent years (our 1981-2010 average September high is 4.6 degrees warmer than the first 30 years of observation). We've only had one September so far this century to match that old average (71.2 in 2004), and you have to go back to 1986 for the last time we had a September with a cooler average high than that. Of course, we're comparing two different locations, and UHI is obviously a bigger factor now than it was then, so the numbers could be skewed a little.
  15. I suspect the pre-1973 downtown location was in a better spot for warmth (at least on sunny days during the warm season) than the current KGW location. The only June-September month so far this decade that had a warmer average high downtown was June 2010; every other month was warmer at PDX, often by a couple degrees. July 2013 is a good example of this - it averaged 82.4/57.6 at PDX, but somehow was only 80.6/56.5 downtown, which is oddly cool considering it was a fairly warm month for the region overall. And FWIW, the Portland NWSFO was at 24 days of 90+ through August 11th.
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